New Jersey Team Building

Corporate Team Building That Caters to New Jersey Companies

You can sing all the praises you want about metropolitan cities like Boston, New York, and Philadelphia, but there’s no place in the country like the great state of New Jersey. From Princeton to the boardwalk in Atlantic City and all points in between, New Jersey is truly a shining gem of the Eastern Seaboard.

When it comes down to it, New Jersey’s a great place to live and the ideal location for putting our team building ideas into actual practice. And when we do team building New Jersey style, you can bet that every workshop will fit this great state and your company perfectly.

New Jersey Team Building that Meets You Where You Are

We all know that the cookie cutter, one size fits all approach doesn’t work. It doesn’t work for anything really, but it’s an especially bad idea for team building workshops. For real results, you need team building activities that are designed to fit your needs precisely.

Your workshop should target the areas where your team is experiencing difficulties. Most companies, if not all, have varying strengths and weakness both within and between departments. When it comes to assessing your team, blanket statements can never do it justice. That’s why we design our team building workshops with a discerning and roving eye– to pinpoint your areas of need and get to work improving them.

Some companies do the same workshops all over the country. This is a big problem for our clients. They don’t want to waste time, money, or effort by participating in workshops that don’t address their problem areas directly. But that’s never been a concern with us. We custom design corporate team building workshops that are fun, instructive, and focused on exactly the skill building your company needs.

Team Fusion for Targeted Team Solutions

One great way to zoom in on specific goals is our Team Fusion workshop. Team Fusion is a program we use for clients who need a little more than games and team bonding events. Designed to get ongoing positive results, these workshops provide the kind of hands-on coaching that continues to teach long after they’re finished.

The first and most important part of custom designing your Team Fusion workshop is the initial consultation. This is when we sit down and listen closely as you describe your company’s needs, goals, and current direction. Why do we do this? Because no one knows your company like you do. Getting information straight from the source teaches everything we need to get your Team Fusion system just right.

Team Fusion provides both classroom instruction and participatory activities. We’ll prep your team in the classroom by explaining important teamwork concepts and discussing their areas of difficulty. Then, we’ll get them involved in activity sessions where they can apply what they’ve learned in a real world setting.

And our facilitators will be present for all of these sessions, both inside and outside the classroom. They’ll encourage, correct, and provide just the guidance your team needs to grow together and achieve the long term results you know they’re capable of.


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