Magnovo Team Building Event Locations

Magnovo Training Group has locations conveniently situated in most major cities.

We also have facilitators in multiple additional cities to minimize travel costs and logistics, and there’s a good chance that we have a facilitator close to you. Click on your region to see locations and services available in your area.
Why pay extra to fly a facilitator in for a charity team building workshop or leadership development workshop when we have local facilitators who are the best in the business!

Magnovo Training Group has locations conveniently situated in a major city near you. Click your region to find a Leadership Training and Charity Team Building Location near you.

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West Coast

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Here are a few of our Signature Custom Events

Rescue Buddies
Assemble Stuffed Animals to Provide Comfort

Did you know first responders keep stuffed animals in their vehicles to calm children in distressed situations?



Impact the Life of a Small Child by Building A Bike

Working together and understanding personality styles, everyone wins in the #1 CSR activity!

Mission: Military Care
A Passion for Supporting Our Deployed Soldiers

Care packages custom filled with the most requested items. Incudes a heartfelt note from your team!



Puttin’ Pantry
Creativity Shines While Building a Mini Golf Course

Bring out a sense of community and the best in team spirit gathering nonperishable food items.

Team Synergy
High Performance Team Building

Learning masked in fun! Engage your team in action-based learning to enhance team skills.



Wagon Builders
Break Down Barriers by Building Wagons

Bring normalcy to victims of domestic abuse or life threatening illnesses with your donation.

Build Wheelchairs for a Local or Global Group

Put your team in the driver’s seat and realize the challenge to be wheelchair bound.



Mission: Kids Care
Provide Important School or Holiday Packages

Imagine looking around the room and not having the needed schools supplies that other kids have.


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