Wheelcharity™ Wheelchair Team Building


Want skill-enhancing activities for your team, while you fulfill your company’s corporate social responsibility? Wheelcharity™ is all that and more.

WheelCharity-Wheelchair-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoYou’d be surprised at what the power of a social mission can do to motivate people to work together! Even the most challenging groups respond to the basic desire to help those in their community.

That’s the social force we’re counting on when we team up with local hospitals, veteran groups and other community organizations that match wheelchairs with deserving recipients. We’ve seen it time and time again: participants in this charity workshop put everything they’ve got into succeeding so they can make a difference.

What is Wheelcharity?™

As you may have guessed, this charity workshop involves wheelchairs. Teams assemble actual wheelchairs, then either decorate them for recipients or try them out on an obstacle course to gain a deeper understanding of the lives of those who use wheelchairs to get around.

It’s more complicated than simply assembling wheelchairs, however! Teams must work to solve problems, overcome obstacles and perform tasks set by our facilitators. When they succeed, they move a step closer to completing their chairs.

Can Skill Development be This Much Fun?

Of course the “obstacles” and problems are craftily developed by professionals to teach valuable workplace skills. It’s not just fun and games. We don’t let your team off that easy!

Teams will work hard to develop practical skills they’ll use back at work. We make sure they’re processing what’s taking place during each hands-on activity so lessons are transferred to the work environment. Otherwise, what would be the point? We certainly don’t want to take your money just to show your group a good time!

Initiating Community Change, Experiencing Team Growth

Wheelcharity™ about developing the team, fulfilling a social mission, and building a blueprint for the future. When you choose one of our charity workshops, that blueprint is for positive change for everyone involved, including the donation recipients.

To make all this happen, we customize each workshop according to the group, the company, and the goals of each client. Want to simply focus on doing good in your community while working on general team skills? Tell us and we’ll design a workshop that does both. Want to pinpoint some problem areas while giving to the community? We can make that happen too!

Simply tell us what you’d like and we’ll set our professional workshop designers to the task. You can even customize the length of your workshop, anywhere from a few hours to a full-day event! Just call us or fill out the handy quote form on this page and we’ll get started on building your blueprint today.

Talk to our corporate specialists today to see how we can make you successful!