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Team Building

Team Building 101: Open Up and Listen Up!

The first lesson in Team Building 101 is “open up and listen up”! No need for notetaking or quizzes here.  Just open your mind and you’ll reach the head of the class in no time. Team Building 101: What to consider before you communicate Remember the teacher in Charles Shultz’s comic strip Peanuts? When Miss Othmar,

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Women’s History in the Workplace

March is Women’s History Month. And women’s history in the workplace deserves pride of place during this commemorative month, even in the midst of the pandemic. Since 1987, Americans have saluted women’s contributions to the nation’s history. And with the election of our first female Vice President, the National Women’s History Alliance [NWHA] chose “Valiant

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The Importance of Employee Appreciation and Recognition

March 6 is Employee Appreciation Day. Like everything else, the pandemic has  dramatically increased the importance of employee appreciation and recognition. It probably started out as a token gesture; but now such acknowledgements are more important than ever because the nature of employment has changed. What it means to be a reliable employee and team player

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DiSC is the Great Generational Equalizer

Conflict management in the workplace can be especially treacherous among different age groups. Fortunately, DiSC is the great generational equalizer! A world, a part? In the complex and confounding world of social media there is an ongoing feud between Millennials and Generation Zers about  wearing a part down the middle of your hair. Millennials do

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How DiSC Can Promote Mental Health

Do you feel as if you’re losing yourself? Unable to focus and move forward because of everything that’s going on? One way to find yourself again is through DiSC personality discovery. It doesn’t treat mental illness but DiSC can promote mental health. COVID-19 and the psychological pandemic You know how if enough bugs splat your

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How to Pandemic-Proof Your Leadership Style

This lockdown is a great time to learn how to pandemic-proof your leadership style. That’s the good news. The challenge is that it all starts with you! Through the digital looking glass “The inmates are running the asylum!” That concept originated from the 1920 cult film The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Unfortunately lots of managers

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What Our Clients Say

Everything was great. We had a great time and I heard over and over from my colleagues how much they enjoyed it. Hopefully we can do another team building with you next year! -A.M., Apple

Going into it, I was not enthusiastic because I thought it was going to be another cheesy, team building workshop. However, I was quite surprised at how well the facilitator communicated with our group and made us all feel very comfortable. I would recommend you for future workshops. -T.H., Wells Fargo

It was great to talk about our group dynamics and what we would like to achieve with the facilitator beforehand, so they were able to tailor the team building activities to our specific needs. -T.Y., Verizon Wireless

Our facilitator was amazing and we would recommend her and Magnovo to any corporation looking to host a team building event. -C.S., Boston Scientific

The planning time we had prior to the workshop was great because the facilitator was able to speak specifically about our group which added credibility and value immediately. The interactive components were also key to creating energy and engagement….and it was a fun way for the team to get to know each other better. -T.S., Comcast

The group all agreed that the workshop was 'more than they expected' – which is a great compliment coming from our group. Fun, engaging, worthwhile project! -C.Y., Microsoft

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