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The Power of Communication

The world is collectively walking through an unprecedented health crisis with the arrival of Covid-19. With mounting restrictions and prolonged separation, the rising question among many companies and organizations is this: how do we elevate morale and encourage team unity in the midst of this pandemic? You will surely hear many tips and tricks to

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How To Build Trust in a Leadership Team

During crises like the coronavirus pandemic, thousands of businesses are struggling to stay afloat and find answers to how to build trust in a leadership team. One ideal way is to spring into action and help someone in your community.  The impact of the pandemic on animals could be almost as devastating to animals as

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How Does The Manager Build Trust In Their Teams?

Recently,  we received a frantic query from a newly minted manager at a small but thriving business in the midwest. His question: how does the manager build trust in their teams? Our answer was a simple one—take a look at yourself using DiSC personality profile training as your mirror! Our team came to the rescue

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How To Build a Healthy Team Culture: DiSC

How to build a healthy team culture—know what’s unhealthy! Paradoxically, the first step toward building a healthy team culture may be recognizing toxic team culture. Unfortunately, that’s not hard to do. The American workplace is sick and it shows. Morale is low, stress is high. Millennials, Gen-Xers, and Baby Boomers clash. Demands for diversity and gender equality

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How can managers build empathy on their teams?

How can managers build empathy on their teams? Well, you may not need to walk a mile in your employee’s shoes, but you should at least understand the person filling those shoes. And one of the most important things all managers need to recognize today is the level of stress workers are under and its impact

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How To Build a Positive Team Culture

The best answer to how to build a positive team culture is understanding the dynamics of positivity, negativity, and their impact on our psyche. How To Build a Positive Team Culture? Nix the negativity! You’ve got to accentuate the negative…Eliminate the positive…And latch on to the negative…Don’t mess with Mister In-Between….  Yikes! Thank goodness American

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What Our Clients Say

Everything was great. We had a great time and I heard over and over from my colleagues how much they enjoyed it. Hopefully we can do another team building with you next year! -A.M., Apple

Going into it, I was not enthusiastic because I thought it was going to be another cheesy, team building workshop. However, I was quite surprised at how well the facilitator communicated with our group and made us all feel very comfortable. I would recommend you for future workshops. -T.H., Wells Fargo

It was great to talk about our group dynamics and what we would like to achieve with the facilitator beforehand, so they were able to tailor the team building activities to our specific needs. -T.Y., Verizon Wireless

Our facilitator was amazing and we would recommend her and Magnovo to any corporation looking to host a team building event. -C.S., Boston Scientific

The planning time we had prior to the workshop was great because the facilitator was able to speak specifically about our group which added credibility and value immediately. The interactive components were also key to creating energy and engagement….and it was a fun way for the team to get to know each other better. -T.S., Comcast

The group all agreed that the workshop was 'more than they expected' – which is a great compliment coming from our group. Fun, engaging, worthwhile project! -C.Y., Microsoft

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