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Legrand AV Customer Support and DiSC

After a recent crisis at Legrand AV, customer support became a matter of life and DiSC. When operations at one of their companies hit the skids, they called in Magnovo’s DiSC experts to help the staff regroup. In French, the word Legrand means “large,” and the name certainly suits this company. Legrand AV is one

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Why Kelly B. Needs Soft Skills Training

What is soft skills training? It’s basically making sure your people skills are up to the mark along with your technical skills. It’s easy to bury your head in an e-book and completely miss the world around you. Thing is, the world and the people in it are the focus of your business or job,

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Campfire Leadership Lights the Way

A torch is a source of illumination. As it pierces the darkness, you can move forward; but the torch itself remains in the shadows. So, too, are those described as Torch Light Leaders. They shine enough light to keep everyone on track, but shy away from being in the spotlight themselves. Magnovo CEO Rob Jackson

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How DiSC Boosts Relational Sales

  Whether you’re selling a product, a service, or an idea, building a relationship with the customer is the bridge to success. Social media notwithstanding, old school still works. Face-to-face transparency. Eye-to-eye honesty. Handshake integrity. If relational sales were a game it would be a contact sport. Relationships take work. Building a foundation of trust

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Corporate Team Building Activities at WilmerHale

Our recent Bike-A-Thon workshop with WilmerHale proved once again that the most effective corporate team building activities are relational. In the world on litigation WilmerHale is a household name and is among the top international law firms in the country. The firm was created in 2004—the result of a  merger between the Boston-based firm, Hale

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The Benefits of Campfire Leadership

Consider the lighthouse: a lonely tower in the middle of treacherous waters warning seafarers with a bright beacon of light. No doubt you’ve worked with executives who function in the same way. Analytical. Data-driven. Better at writing than face-to-face communications. Their interpersonal skills like “a lonely tower.” Yet it’s this very introspective posture can help them

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What Our Clients Say

Everything was great. We had a great time and I heard over and over from my colleagues how much they enjoyed it. Hopefully we can do another team building with you next year! -A.M., Apple

Going into it, I was not enthusiastic because I thought it was going to be another cheesy, team building workshop. However, I was quite surprised at how well the facilitator communicated with our group and made us all feel very comfortable. I would recommend you for future workshops. -T.H., Wells Fargo

It was great to talk about our group dynamics and what we would like to achieve with the facilitator beforehand, so they were able to tailor the team building activities to our specific needs. -T.Y., Verizon Wireless

Our facilitator was amazing and we would recommend her and Magnovo to any corporation looking to host a team building event. -C.S., Boston Scientific

The planning time we had prior to the workshop was great because the facilitator was able to speak specifically about our group which added credibility and value immediately. The interactive components were also key to creating energy and engagement….and it was a fun way for the team to get to know each other better. -T.S., Comcast

The group all agreed that the workshop was 'more than they expected' – which is a great compliment coming from our group. Fun, engaging, worthwhile project! -C.Y., Microsoft

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