The Big Picture

How do the best teams get to be the best?

The-Big-Picture-Mural-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoWhat turns a group of colleagues into a high-performing, unsurpassed, super productive team that stays focused and motivated? The answer is never simple, but you can bet if you took a survey of some of the finest teams out there, you’d notice one thing they all had in common:

Everyone contributes to the overall success of the group, with each member maximizing his or her potential

The idea here is that we all have skills and talent and nobody wins if we’re holding back and not contributing. The more diverse a group, the stronger the team.

The Strongest Teams Draw From Every Team Member

The Big Picture™ team building workshop is about knowing and appreciating the various personality styles found in every work environment. Simply by understanding how each team member can contribute to the big picture in his or her own unique way, our teams get stronger and better every day.

Some of us are thinkers and some of us are doers…just as some of us love Impressionist paintings while others would rather cover our walls with Cubist art. It takes all kinds!

Hands-On Activities Lead to a Deeper Understanding of Collaborationshutterstock 715797241

During The Big Picture™ workshop, participants discover their own personality styles and those of their colleagues through hands-on learning techniques. The activities are designed around a group project which engages everyone, resulting in a “masterpiece” of art they create together.

Along the way, the interactive modules show the value of having 100% participation, and how a diversity of styles heightens the outcome of anything they do. Here are some of the concepts covered in The Big Picture™:

  • Appreciating a diversity of styles in the work place
  • Viewing team members as resources different from your own
  • Thinking creatively to solve problems
  • Overcoming fear of contributing
  • Letting go of ideas that don’t work, while remembering there are no “bad” ideas

We define success in The Big Picture™ as an outcome that’s achieved when everyone gets involved. The symbol, which will also serve as your team’s lasting reminder of these concepts, will be the giant collage your team creates. (It’s good to know that there’s no messy paint involved!)

The actual art will be designed around your company’s theme or corporate initiatives or whatever you desire! It will be available to take back with you, ready to hang.

After the workshop has ended, we gather up the art supplies and donate them to an art program at The National Gallery of Art. Of course if you’ve got a local charitable organization you’d like to receive the supplies, simply let us know.

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