Team Development – Corporate Team Building Activities


Looking for corporate team building activities that energize and challenge your team? Is team development one of your hot buttons?

When you hear of “Corporate Team Building Activities”, what comes to mind? The concept covers a lot of territory, so we wouldn’t be surprised if your answer is completely different from what we’ve actually got in mind for your team.

You see, Corporate Team Building Activities span the entire range from “koom-bah-yahh” type trust exercises to fully developed professional seminars where participants take notes and get college credit for their efforts.

Here’s our definition of corporate team building activities: carefully designed, interactive sessions that engage participants so they meet the challenges we provide them. And what are those challenges, you say? Whatever you’d like them to be. Whatever goals you’ve got, we’ll take them and help your group build their team skills…skills like effective communication, creative problem solving, and respecting differences .

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Fun is an Outgrowth of Performance Development

Since the focus of all our team building workshops is learning, we don’t let technology and fanfare steal the show. In fact, we don’t even like to use the word “show”, since that implies your team will simply be watching a talking head give a presentation.

That’s not what we’re about…we’re about creating custom, interactive workshops designed to lead your team to new levels of performance. Your group won’t get distracted by showy theatrics and “gizmos” that only get in the way of effective learning.

Customization Means “Designed for You”

When you hear from us that we provide custom workshops, it means we listened to what you have to say, and created a bespoke workshop that meets your goals and team initiatives. What it doesn’t mean is you get your company logo on an iPad! It means much more than that to us. The emphasis is always on the participants…not the facilitator, not the props, and not the activities.shutterstock 605603540

Benefits Include:

  • Develop communication skills for high-level performance
  • Expand on sense of community for enhanced teamwork
  • Unleash creativity for increased effectiveness with problem solving
  • Strengthen channels of communication so colleagues seek and share information more freely
  • Dissolve barriers which may block communication
  • Master “Big Picture Thinking”
  • Meet the challenges of working with limited resources

You’re Only as Good as Your People…and Ours are Great!

We’re lucky to have a team of highly skilled professionals who create and deliver our corporate team building activities. Experience, dedication, passion and a true intuition for people make them excellent at what they do.

shutterstock 791231653Right from the very first contact with you, our facilitators take the time to understand what your group needs. They use the insights you give, to create a corporate team building event that matches your goals as well as the personality of your group.

Throughout your day of workshop activities, facilitators will continue their “magic” by delivering engaging challenges to your team, and showing them how it all leads to improved performance once they’re back at work. Insights continue right through to the end, where facilitators carry out their debriefing sessions so your group comes away with a clear path to stellar performance.

Our goals are your goals: to create a fun group team building event which provides tangible results that make sense for the work environment. By sticking to this formula for success, we’ve earned a reputation for providing results-driven workshops.