Campfire Leadership ™ – Developing Effective Leadership Styles

shutterstock 1491637892Great leaders are made, not born, and a Campfire Leadership Workshop inspires participants to develop more effective leadership styles.

Leaders Among You

Everyone’s got a leadership style already, whether they realize it or not. Some folks aspire to lead while others kind of fall into the job. And each style has inherent strengths and weaknesses. Most folks fall within one of four kinds:

  • Spotlight leaders like to be, well, in the spotlight. This is someone who likes to be in charge.
  • Torchlight leaders are more timid. They step up to the role when necessary but don’t necessarily seek it out.
  • Lighthouse leaders are cautious and always looking out for things that are going to trip up a project.
  • Disco light leaders are active and may feel most comfortable working in fast-paced group settings.

Taking Leadership to the Next Levelcampfire-leadership-styles

Each kind of leader brings their own style to a project. That style can have a positive or negative effect, depending on the group dynamic. Developing existing styles to capitalize on strengths and counterbalance weaknesses can transform workshop participants into true Campfire Leaders.

The talents of a Campfire Leader can be learned and utilized by folks to complement a broad spectrum of natural leadership styles.

Think about what campfires bring to mind. Things like warmth, engagement, calm. People want to be near campfires; their effects extend outward to meet people where they are. And the same holds true for campfire leaders.

Campfire leaders have great insight into the personalities of the people they work with. They meet folks “where they are” and help the people on their team affect their own positive change, teaching them or mentoring them where possible. People find campfire leaders easy to talk to. Campfire leaders see the best in their teammates, and help their teammates to see it, too.

What Campfire Leadership Workshops Can Do For Your Team

A highly targeted workshop can provide participants with long-lasting results. Campfire leaders:

  • Identify their own, and others’ personality styles
  • Understand strengths and challenges common to each personality style
  • Use that knowledge for better communication
  • Motivate team members for success

Engaging workshops are tailored to the team’s needs. Activities are fun and practical. Learn hands-on skills that reap the benefits of a diversity of talent. Get the chance to practice these skills in ordinary workday situations under the guidance of a skilled facilitator.

Spark Campfire Leadership Style in Your Team

campfire-leadership-on-amazonThe campfire leadership workshop is designed to ignite practical and effective change in participants.  What’s learned in the workshop will carry through to day-to-day operations. The team will see on-going and tangible results through improved communication, greater productivity, and more effective conflict resolution.

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