DiSC Personality Discovery

We all like to learn about ourselves, right? It might sound self-centered, but how many folks reach for the horoscopes in the daily paper, or never leave a Chinese buffet without their fortune cookie?

A DiSC® assessment is kind of the same thing – it offers people insight and discovery for their own lives, but it’s far more reliable than whatever might be written in the stars that day.

Hows Does This Work?

Everyone knows their zodiac sign. But do they know their DiSC® assessment type?

Before the workshop, these assessments are presented as quizzes or questionnaires that measure where people fall on a continuum of behavior. There’s no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ result, just the one that accurately reflects how each individual sees the world and his or her place in it.

People who complete an assessment are scored according to how strongly their behaviors and outlook align with one of four DiSC® personality types:

  • Dominant
  • Influence
  • Steadiness
  • Conscientiousness

Each of these personality types tends to behave a certain way in response to certain influences or situations. DiSC® assessments are rooted in decades of psychological study; therefore, participants can feel confident in their new-found knowledge about themselves.

This really is news they can use!

How DiSC® Applies in the Workplace

Teamwork for the Dominant Type

Let’s say you’re the dominant type and you’ve just been assigned to a group project.

You’re probably going to be the big-picture thinker who emphasizes measurable results like benchmarks. You’ll be leaving the details to someone like the conscientious type.

That is fine with him or her; the conscientious one is more likely to be one of the quieter people in the room. They’re more interested in the underpinning facts and figures to make sure the project gets off the ground successfully.

Teamwork for the Influencer

In another example, an influencer may feel frustrated in a group setting where she wants to go one way, and the group is leaning toward going another way.

Innately, an I-type understands how much group acceptance means personally; this may allow the I-type to “let go” of the idea – it’s the “idea” that’s not got group support, not the person himself.

Teamwork for Steadiness Types

Steadiness types may find themselves in situations where they’re suddenly indecisive. If they have the self-awareness that can be drawn from a DiSC® assessment, they may understand that this is a common symptom of stress for their personality type.

This means they may need to speak up, as unnatural as that feels for an S-type, to resolve the issue and move forward.

What Can Groups do With DiSC®?

Completing a DiSC® assessment can provide your group the insight they need to harness their personality traits in a way that minimizes conflict in the workplace. They can also learn to capitalize on their strengths.

It gives everyone the tools they need to:

  • step back and look objectively at a situation
  • identify what about it isn’t working
  • take the steps necessary to alleviate some of the stress, pressure, or the problem completely

The keys to success might not be written in the stars but when team members have a greater understanding of themselves through DiSC®, they can achieve their own fortunes!

Ready to schedule a DiSC® Personality Discovery workshop for your group? Give us a call or fill out our handy quote form. We can’t wait to get started!