Charity Giving Stations


Sometimes teams come to us with one purpose in mind: giving.  Already bonded by the desire to create something and then give it away to those less needy, they’re not seeking team building lessons.  They’re seeking charity workshops where everyone comes together to build something with their hands…something that can be given away to deserving people in the local community.

You Asked, We Listened!

charity-giving-stationsYou wanted an event focusing on giving, production, and networking.  We responded with an exciting, brand new concept: “Charity Giving Stations”.  Forgoing the formal team building lessons for this workshop, we put all the emphasis on creating, building, and networking.  Of course the final reward is giving it all away to the right charitable organization.  It does wonders for team gathering and certainly strengthens your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility, too!

How Does the “Charity Giving Stations” Workshop Work?

wpid-Magnovo-Rotator-12.jpgThe buzz is palpable at a Charity Giving Stations event.  That’s because there’s lots of movement as participants move between stations, build their items, and meet new people.  That’s why we coined this a “networking event”.

You can choose from among any of our charity workshops or choose two for your own combo of events.

Here are a few we’ve put together for clients in the past:

  • Wagon Builders with Bicycles
  • Wheelchairs with Wagons
  • Stuffed Rescue Bears with Bicycles

Our facilitators will be on hand to set up the stations where donated items will be assembled.  They’ll also monitor the time frame so your participants get through the event on time.  They’ll be roving the room in case groups need help with instructions.  Of course we’ll take care of materials, too.  You simply bring the people and we’ll do the rest.

Charity Giving Stations are Perfect For…

  • When you only have one hour for your event
  • When you want to ensure maximum output towards a charitable donation
  • When you want to foster networking
  • When you have a super-size group
  • When you want a charitable event without the team building aspect
  • When you want to “keep it light”, leaving learning for another day while focusing on giving
  • When you have a break between events at a conference

A Welcome Addition to Our Charity Workshops

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is changing the world, one business at a time.  It’s a development in the corporate world that everyone can get excited about.  We’re glad to help, and with this plus our other charity workshops, it’s easy to develop your company’s CSR and build your team at the same time.

If you’d like to learn more about CSR, team building, or the Charity Giving Stations workshop, simply give us a call or fill out our handy quote form.

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