Donate a Dinner ™


What if there was a way for you to make the most powerful gift of all, through a charity team building workshop? Our Donate a Dinner ™ workshop actually provides nutritious meals to some of the most vulnerable people in our communities.

Donate-A-Dinner-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoWith hunger persisting right here in our own back yards, charitable organizations rely on donations like this to succeed in their mission to end hunger.

Your group can become part of the solution when you choose the Donate a Dinner ™ workshop. Teams compete to build up points, which are then translated into “dinners”. The more points earned, the more dinners get donated.

Build Your Team

The workshop itself has a practical outcome for your group. Based on a highly-structured series of proven activities designed to build teamwork skills, the Donate a Dinner™ pursues several goals:

  • improve important team skills like communication
  • foster creative problem solving
  • provide opportunities to practice “big picture thinking”
  • demonstrate the power of effective collaboration

Hands-on activities carefully engineered to both engage and teach are woven into the theme of the day- in this case, working to help feed the most vulnerable in our society.

Activities foster equal participation from everyone in the group. The objective is to show your group how to create their own environment for success. Through experiential learning techniques, they’ll learn that getting things done is best achieved when the group hears from everyone and ideas are shared.

Team Building Makes for Good Deeds Done!

The final outcome will be the result of skilled collaboration among team members. The level of success will depend on how well they functioned as a team. Everyone feels the push to succeed because of the powerful social mission behind the Donate a Dinner ™ workshop.

Teams who engage, understand the objectives of the activities, and put their teamwork skills to the test will earn the most points. Teams who struggle with effective communication and other targeted skills will earn fewer points…hence a smaller donation! The friendly atmosphere, however, ensures that every team comes out a winner in the end.

Your team returns to work with the sense that they’ve made a real difference in the world…and with improved skills.

Charitable Team Building Your Way

If you’d like to learn how we can facilitate your company’s 501(c) giving, please just ask. If this is your preferred method of giving, we’ll simply tailor the proceeds of your Donate a Dinner™ workshop to a dollar amount for a cash donation. Then, we’ll work with your finance department to ensure a donation is made directly to the charitable organization from your company.

Give us a call or fill out our quote form – there are may ways we can customize this workshop for your group!

Talk to our corporate specialists today to see how we can make you successful!