Executive Presence for Millennials

There’s a persistent myth that Millennials need a lot of hand-holding in the workplace. Other folks may think that the youngest members of the workforce are too entitled or don’t communicate well. And that’s just not true.

Today’s Millennials are Tomorrow’s Executives

Think back to when you were first starting out in your career. Most people who are new to their jobs do seek out feedback and mentoring from older and more respected staff. And Millennials – those ‘new kids on the block’ – are really just doing the same thing.

They’re also using technology in new ways. Let’s say they’re taking care of emails while commuting on public transportation. Millennials see it as efficient while older coworkers may only see that someone’s not at their desk when they should be.

It’s all in the perspective.

Executive Presence for Millennials

Developing Millennials’ Executive Presence

Millennials might not see themselves as future executives but they’re in prime positions for future promotions. Instead of spending the money to bring in outside talent to lead an organization, develop talent from within.

Effective executives aren’t born; they’re taught. And these are skills that can be identified, practiced, and strengthened.

Promote from Within

Looking to the people who already work for your organization is win-win:

  • Employees are inspired and feel an increased sense of loyalty.  They can see how hard work is rewarded in tangible ways.
  • Organizations can feel confident that new managers are “known quantities”.  These folks have a keen understanding of company values and goals.

5 Facets of Executive Presence

Skilled facilitators can help Millennials identify and establish the skills and abilities expected of effective leaders:

  • Communication – Practice clear and logical thinking and speaking to ensure that project goals are explained and met.
  • Empathy – Understand others’ personalities, motivations, and concerns as they relate to interpersonal communications at work.
  • Integrity – Honesty with colleagues builds their trust, an essential quality when Millennials need others to follow them.
  • Adaptability – Make connections that are meaningful to coworkers based on what they value.
  • Confidence – Believe in your own abilities and those of others on the same team.

These are the qualities that people look for in leaders. And investing in Millennials, teaching them to recognize and utilize these talents, can provide long-term benefits to a company in terms of human resources.

Good leaders develop good teams, who are productive and effective in their roles.

Customized Workshop Solutions

An Executive Presence for Millennials workshop offers participants hands-on skills training designed to lay a strong leadership foundation in Millennial staff.

Dynamic programs are tailored to your team’s current and future needs. Professional facilitators maintain a fun-filled environment while still carrying out clients’ program goals.

Call our corporate specialists for a free quote on an Executive Presence for Millennials workshop today so we can help your company be ready for tomorrow.