Amazing Scavenger Race

Get your group out and about for a team building event that puts collaborative skills to the test with our Amazing Scavenger Race!

Amazing-Scavenger-Race-Team-Building-LogoMore than just a sit-down session with simulated activities, this workshop provides challenges in the real world.

Teams work together to navigate the city, unravel clues and race against the clock as they race from spot to spot to accomplish their fun goals.

You can even designate which points around your city you’d like included in your scavenger race. It’s just one of the ways we can customize the experience for your group.

The Amazing Scavenger Race Offers Valuable Practice at Being a Team

If practice makes perfect, then The Amazing Scavenger Race offers a chance for greatness! Even the best working teams need a little shot in the arm every so often. This workshop puts them in new situations that give them fresh perspectives on the individual roles they play.

Colleagues return to work with stronger bonds, a positive attitude, and new ways to be their most productive at work. You got it: closer to perfection than ever!

Let’s Talk About Your Personalized Scavenger Race…

Amazing-Scavenger-Race-Group-In-KerrytownOne of the things our past clients have loved about The Amazing Scavenger Race is that it’s so much fun to customize. There’s so much room for creativity with this workshop! We can create a race that revolves around a central theme, chosen by you.

As for your group, the places they visit, the tasks they perform can all match the theme of your choice. We’ve found that a custom-designed race vastly increases the potential for team building perfection!

Likewise, we can take your professional goals into consideration when tailoring the workshop to your group. Need to work on communication? No problem. Collaboration? It’s in the bag.

It’s Not All Fun and Games, Although It May Look Like It!

Everyone is going to have a good time in The Amazing Scavenger Race…you can almost bet on that. The final part of the day after everyone gets back to “home base” delivers some comedic relief that’ll keep them laughing for weeks.

A slideshow is viewed, made up of all the pictures teams took at each stop on the race. They get points for most creative photos, so of course everyone hams it up!

scavengerhunt1 1

You couldn’t tell from looking at it, but The Amazing Scavenger race is actually a highly structured workshop that’s designed to produce tangible results.

If you’d like to put your team to the test, get them out of the office, and see relevant progress made on team building skills, please call us or fill out our handy quote form. Ask about how we can customize one for you!