Relational Sales Training

An organization can have a cadre of skilled sales professionals; however, relational sales requires more. In addition to knowing a product or service inside and out, relational sales teams need to understand people.

Why Relational Sales is Different

Relational sales is more than transaction-based. It’s cultivating a long-term consulting relationship with clients and customers. Products and services can be complex. Customers expect a high level of personal and engaging service. Clients want to be more than a number or someone that gets called once or twice a year.

Relational Sales Training

Specialized training and workshops can put a sales team over the top. Company purpose, plans, and operations become more clear. Greater awareness of how sales activities fit within and support that architecture can strengthen employee drive and determination.

Increased awareness of personality styles allows sales professionals to adapt to any setting. They can modify pitches and calls on the fly, reading the client and making adjustments seamlessly.

Relational Sales Training Designed for the Team

Customized training options offer sales teams education, inspiration, and motivation.

Perhaps the sales team is dominated by newer hires. Or it’s a group that’s been together for a while and things are a little stale. Or the company has undergone significant organizational or operational shifts or changes. There isn’t a group that can’t use some fine tuning of its skill sets as the pace and demands of business quicken.

Harnessing the power of an organization’s people can make the difference between competence and excellence.

A Focused and Flexible Solution

Participants learn effective and reliable sales methods and techniques. Workshop content is based on clients’ sales goals and product or service offerings. Program facilitators are also mindful of an organization’s market position and strategic objectives. Program goals are challenging yet attainable.

Through experiential learning in a workshop setting, sales staff can develop their strengths:

  • Deliver clear and effective presentations
  • Master account planning for ongoing success
  • Hone interpersonal communication styles
  • Advance key negotiation skills and techniques
  • Adopt customer-focused practices
  • Grow short-term interactions into long-term relationships

Going the Extra Mile

Relational sales training workshops are uniquely positioned to present companies with the opportunity to also host a companion charity team-building event that same day. Participants get the chance to reinforce new skills while strengthening communication and teamwork through community-minded activities.

Let us show you how relational sales training can take an organization’s sales team to the next level. Contact us for a free quote today.