Outdoor Team Building

Get Outside!

Team Building outdoors can be stimulating, energizing, and invigorating for your team members and the success of your corporate team building event. We have team building activities that will challenge your team members in an outdoor setting.

Our Amazing Scavenger Race breaks the mold of a ‘sit-down’ session by engaging your team in a team event that will take them all over your city in a real world challenge. We can create a race that revolves around a central theme, chosen by you. As for your group, the places they visit, the tasks they perform can all match the theme of your choice. We’ve found that a custom-designed race vastly increases the potential for team building perfection!

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Some of The Benefits

Outdoor team events add a ‘shot in the arm’ to corporate team building. Our outdoor event team building workshops put them in new situations that give them fresh perspectives on the individual roles they play. These team building outings will help them:

  • Dissolve barriers that may block communication
  • Master “Big Picture Thinking”
  • Meet the challenges of working with limited resources


Outdoor team building activities offer significant benefits and challenges. Below is a list of some of the questions we are frequently asked.

How much involvement will our company have in developing these outdoor team building workshops?
We encourage companies to be as involved as possible, even selecting their own customized themes to create a focused and stimulating challenge .
What if our company has specific goals they’d like to have team members work on?
We can incorporate any of your company’s specific goals into the event we design for you. Need improved communication? No problem. More effective collaboration? It’s in the bag!
What are the ultimate benefits of your Amazing Scavenger Race team building event?
This team event puts them in new situations that give them fresh perspectives on the individual roles they play. As a result, they return to work with stronger bonds, a positive attitude, and new ways to be their most productive at work.

Amazing Scavenger Race

Teams work together to navigate the city, unravel clues and race against the clock as they race from spot to spot to accomplish their fun goals.

You can even designate which points around your city you’d like included in your scavenger race. It’s just one of the ways we can customize the experience for your group.

Check out these other Options

Indoor Team Building

Our indoor team building workshops mean you never have to worry about the weather interfering with the focus or success of your corporate team building event.

Exercise Team Building

We’ll develop creative, imaginative, and challenging exercises as part of your team building event that will stimulate your teams creativity and ‘outside the box’ approaches to problem solving.

Fun/Game Team Building

We utilize fun and engaging team building activities & games. Learning through fun is highly effective for teaching and retaining new skills.

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