Puttin Pantry™

Can a charity workshop that’s fun and engaging also deliver results? You betcha!

Puttin-Pantry-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoPuttin Pantry™ combines the best of both worlds: the socially-driven, motivating force of working for a local charity, plus stellar workshop design that produces tangible results back in the work place. Who knew golfing could do so much? Puttin Pantry™ isn’t just golfing, though: it’s a workshop that has your team designing mini golf courses and developing valuable skills they’ll use over and over again in the office.

Puttin Pantry™ Works on So Many Levels

We love the dual-purpose nature of a charity workshop. Our clients love the tangible results. Teams love the motivating forces of a socially-driven theme that benefits a local charity! Everyone has a ball collaborating to envision a mini golf course out of pantry items, then building their courses to see who’s works the best! The boxes, cans and other pantry food items are then donated to local food pantries to benefit the community. As teams work through the various stages of envisioning, designing, implementing and using their mini golf courses, they’re actually improving their skills too. As they make their way through challenges posed by the workshop creators and delivered by the facilitators, they’re learning new ways of interacting. The new skills they develop will transfer easily back to the office environment…skills such as:

  • improved communication
  • negotiation
  • information sharing
  • resource management
  • measuring success
  • using feedback

Dreaming up a golf course design is one thing, but actually making it work is another! Teams will discover each individual has his or her own talents to lend to the process. Some will be better at organizing the materials while others will be great at assigning roles, keeping the team on track, and switching tactics based on feedback. See what we mean by transferable skills? These are exactly the types of team skills that, when polished, contribute to overall success in the work place. Our facilitators make sure that teams reflect on their activities so lessons learned are also lessons remembered.

Let Us Customize a Puttin Pantry™ for Your Team!

Give us a call at (800) 861-8326 or fill out our quote form on this page. We’ll be certain to listen carefully to your goals. During an initial consultation we’ll gather some basic information about your team and your company…enough to create a customized workshop that’s just for you.

Need a longer workshop? We can take it anywhere from 2.5 hours to a full day.

Have a community partner to which you’d like to donate the pantry items? Just tell us!

Any way you like, we’ll set up a Puttin Pantry that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

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