Mission: Military Care


Call it the multiplier effect: choosing a charity workshop like Mission: Military Care™ means improving workplace skills is only the beginning. The social mission that’s worked into the core of each charity workshop means participants work even harder to achieve the goals of the day.

A Multi-Goal Approach Works

Mission-Military-Care-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoIn this case, the goal is to create care packages for military service men and women who’re stationed far from home. Our workshops are expertly created so that goals merge. Working towards the social mission means also working to improve team building skills! Workshop modules are designed so that participants must use and improve upon workplace skills like communication and big picture thinking in order to assemble the military care packages. It’s quite motivating!

Creating Positive Change on Several Levels

Making a difference in the lives of those who serve our country is certainly one way to create positive change in the world. But what happens when team members begin to see their jobs, the company they work for, and themselves as part of something larger? As a result of corporate social responsibility programs like this charity team building workshop and others like it, participants develop a whole new outlook on their world. It’s an outlook that broader, more integrated with the world around them. When this happens, they are no longer just employees. They’re team members!

Discovering Courage in all Forms

Mission-Military-Care-ChildOur workshop developers used the unifying theme of “courage” to inspire their workshop design. After all, the end product is care packages for some of the most courageous people on earth, so why not borrow from that? Participants are inspired to find their own courage to contribute to team projects in new ways. Here are just some of the ways this works:

  • opening up new lines of communication
  • letting go of the fear of failure
  • knowing personal strengths & using them in the workplace

There are other valuable lessons given during this workplace as well. One of them is how to work through an overload of data. In this day and age (the information age), there’s simply so much information workers can feel overwhelmed and frustrated. In this workshop, we incorporate activities designed to teach participants how to rely on each other to work through data overloads…teamwork!

How Mission: Military Care™ Works

The care packages that your team creates will go to service men and women through one of several organizations we work with including:

Stars and Stripes Master Logo Reduced homefront shoebox soldier angel

Magnovo Training Group is a proud financial sponsor of the Wounded Warrior Project.  If helping the military while developing your team’s workplace skills sounds right for you, give us a call or fill out the handy quote form on this page. We’ll get right back to you!

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