Team Synergy

Think your team is already pretty impressive? A Team Synergy ™ workshop can take them to an even higher level of performance!

Team-Synergy-Corporate-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoWhen you’ve got a team of all-stars, sometimes even they can use a re-focusing session to bring their energies in synch.

That’s what Team Synergy ™ is all about!

Take a high-performing group and what’s a common issue? They don’t feel challenged, or they compete too much. Team Synergy ™ packs in all our most thought-provoking activities to target the advanced skills development you want!

shutterstock 1205549905Turn All-Stars into an All-Star Team

You’ve got all aces on your team, but what happens when there’s a breakdown in teamwork? Team Synergy™ takes your high-performing group and turns it into a real team.

What separates a team from a mere group? Collaboration, communication, respect, and an understanding of personality styles and how they affect behavior. While that’s a lot to cover in just one day, Team Synergy™ takes it on and gives your team a blueprint for future development in these areas.

How Does Team Synergy ™ Work?

Everyone benefits from each of the diverse, interactive modules that make up a Team Synergy™ workshop. We all know that each individual team member brings his or her own strengths to the table, and the best teams are those which maximize those strengths.

Teams are guided through a series of progressively challenging modules, designed to first recreate various work scenarios, then target the core issues, and finally begin mapping a blueprint for positive change.

The focus of most Team Synergy ™ workshops usually involves high level communication skills. Here are a few other key factors that we can target:

  • Big picture thinking
  • Creative problem solving
  • Working with limited resources
  • Collaboration

Team Synergy™ is Challenging by Design!

buildingspplHow do we do all this? To begin with, our workshop designers understand all aspects of corporate training. From the concepts of successful team building to the complex nature of what motivates us all, including basic elements of education & curriculum design, they draw upon a vast professional knowledge when they create each unique Team Synergy™ workshop.

Each workshop is custom designed to fit your group and your goals, whether they be targeting certain skills or fulfilling broader organizational goals. We begin by listening to you during an initial consultation, then assembling the right package for your Team Synergy™ team building workshop.

Want to learn more about how to turn your all-star group into a high-performing team? Call us or fill out our handy quote form on this page. Let’s get started!