Superior Presentation Skills

Making a presentation requires more than just getting up in front of a group and telling them what you want them to know. A truly effective presentation requires the speaker to really connect with members of the audience. It must be persuasive and engaging, as well as informative.

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What Makes a Superior Presentation?

Great presenters convey confidence. They have clearly mastered the topic they’re speaking about, and are fluent in the vocabulary, concepts, and ideas related to the subject.

Superior presenters demonstrate their in-depth preparation of the material. The organizational structure of the content and delivery method and style reflects their thoughtful consideration of how it will play to the audience.

A successful presentation requires a specialized set of skills and abilities.

  • Tone: Does the team know when to be formal or informal, depending on the topic or setting?
  • Posture: Standing up straight with a relaxed frame conveys confidence, instead of hunched shoulders or crossed arms, which may communicate anxiety or distance.
  • Speech: Effective speakers project their voices and speak clearly.
  • Speaking style: Pace matters – not too quickly but not too slowly, either; good presenters can also speed up or slow down a presentation as needed.
  • Body language: Appropriate eye contact is valuable, as is learning to gesture effectively to make a point or emphasize an idea or statement.
  • Design: Visual or auditory presentation of the information – like slides or video clips – is as important to clarity and understanding as the speaker’s delivery.
  • Technology: Are team members comfortable choosing and using technology to enhance presentations when appropriate?

A Superior Speaker is in Service to His Message

Superior presentation workshop provides participants with the understanding, skills and abilities required of highly effective public speakers. From preparation to delivery and follow-up, for individuals and teams, custom workshops can take into account factors like product and service offerings, company goals and strategic plans, and current market standing or share.

Why Magnovo’s Superior Presentation Skills Workshop?

A 1 1/2 day program means participants go beyond superficial tips and strategies. Enough time is allotted for videotaped practice and return of tape to attendees. This take-away allows participants to continue to develop their skills, refresh what they’ve learned, and continue forward progress.

These workshops are distinguished by the coaching element. Professional facilitators provide participants with meaningful feedback. This is not just another rote, classroom style learning experience. Small groups allow for more individualized attention, a greater level of attendee participation and deeper critique.

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