Leading Through Change™

Change is more than a single event or decision. It’s a process. In a dynamic organization, change is a constant, rather than a cause for alarm.

However, change can also be stressful for employees, and their managers, too. Some people struggle with shifting responsibilities, workflow, and priorities. Employees who prefer routine may suffer. Others, who appreciate new roles, projects, and benchmarks, may be frustrated by others’ resistance. Because of this, effective change-oriented leadership is essential.

Getting Folks On Board with Change

Leading Through Change

Our customized Leading Through Change workshop is designed to elicit the buy-in of all staff. The planned activities guide understanding, acceptance, and embrace of change. It also increases empathy among employees, as people’s comfort level with the process is sure to vary.
Seeing how a culture of change is vital to the on-going health of an organization can persuade even the most resistant employees. In cases where it’s possible for staff to step up into a leadership role, this workshop can empower them to take action with a greater awareness of the ripple effects of that action.

How to Survive – and Thrive – Through Change

  • This in-depth workshop offers all members of the team a tangible way to participate in the process of change. Workshop participants will gain valuable perspective and practical tools for long-term success on an individual, team, and organizational basis:
  • Understand challenges and opportunities inherent in change
  • Key strategies for leading change
  • Identify necessary change
  • Develop and implement a plan for change

Workshop content may also include facets of change like resource allocation, project management, technology planning, and organizational structure.

Leading Through Change workshops also demonstrate methods for incorporating leadership roles into change management. Successful leaders are effective supports for subordinates. They motivate, inspire, and encourage where needed. They have the ability to shoulder the long-term view while freeing those they supervise to handle day-to-day activities.

Custom Solutions for Successful Change

Interactive programs are prepared according to your organization’s obstacles. Half, full- and 2-day options allow for maximum flexibility and responsiveness to the needs of the team. Magnovo is committed to your success. As such, our professional program facilitators take a hands on and thorough approach intended to maximize the effectiveness of the training.

Pair this workshop with our charity team-building program for experiential learning and a well-rounded day of training and service. This two-pronged approach reinforces new concepts in a real-world setting where tangible results can be observed.