Charity Team Building Events



Create awareness, understanding and drive for change. Similarly, have a “do different to do more” approach.


Build on a sense of community for collaboration and a cohesive group.


Seek and share information for enhanced success through fun team building activities.


Break down walls that may impede communication and learn to seek sharing of information.


Experience opportunities for problem-solving and making clearer connections with others.


Make a stronger team connection; focus on organization goals and not just self-success.

Charity Team Building Events is the sister company of Magnovo Training Group.

Magnovo works on DISC Personality Training, Team Development, and Professional development. CTBE focuses on philanthropic team bonding activities that benefit your community.


Team Building Programs

Some of our favorite events to bond your team and support your community include:

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Happy-Tails- The best building activities for teams
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Marriott Team Building Exercise
Hospital Helpers
Marriott Team Building Exercise

My team was amazed at the practical information provided in your Campfire Leadership workshop – things they can use professionally and personally. – Medtonic, C.J.

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The most valuable part of the workshop was that the managers learned the different communication styles of their colleagues. You could see light bulbs going off throughout the day as people realized why interactions with their peers occurred the way they did. – 

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The facilitator was able to keep things moving and with such a large group he was able to keep them engaged! – D.K.

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Yesterday was magical! It was also productive, fun, educational and interesting. You have a true talent with people; breaking down their initial discomfort and hesitation, and bringing them out of their inhibitions with laughter and excitement. – D.W.