Charity Team Building Events

Charity Team Building Events is the sister company of Magnovo Training Group.

Magnovo works on DISC Personality Training, Team Development, and Professional development. CTBE focuses on philanthropic team bonding activities that benefit your community.


Some of our favorite events to bond your team and support your community include:

The Rescue Buddies workshop develops team problem-solving skills through a series of fast-paced and collaborative team challenges. Much more than simply stuffing stuffed toy animals, this is a problem-solving activity which addresses strategy, execution and the impact of independent roles and functions on the big picture and success.


Create camaraderie and engagement through social responsibility! With WheelCharity, your team building event will be customized to meet your goals. Have your teams build wheelchairs to donate to a hospital, veterans center or national wheelchair organization.


A bikes for kids, Bike-A-Thon™, charity team building workshop will help your team learn to appreciate the different strengths that each team member brings to a group. The conclusion to the Bike-A-ThonTM  is the realization that each component of a team is critical to its overall success and that we accomplish more when we resolve issues together.


Visit Charity Team Building Events for these and other amazing workshops to bond your team by building up your team and community.

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