Community building activities have the paradoxical effect of building individual self-esteem as well.

Are you struggling to find yourself? Then look outside of yourself for something that’s bigger than you are–something that compels you to lean in and lean on your fellows. When you find it, you may find yourself as well.

Community building activities can be as simple as meet-and-greets over coffee; or they may be slightly more ambitious, altruist endeavors like charitable team building workshops.

If you’re hungry to make the kind of difference in your community that may also improve your own quality of life, our Donate a Dinner Charitable Team Building Workshop may be a recipe for the personal success and fulfillment you’re craving.

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Every day one in seven citizens of this rich country suffers hunger pangs. They’re often forced to choose between buying food and filling the gas tank so they can get to work; or paying the rent; or buying medicine. Imagine having to choose between eating and risking the loss of your job because you can’t buy gas. Insulin or dinner. Homelessness or cereal and milk for your kids. These should not be either-or choices, but they are–for millions of fellow Americans this is a devastating new normal.

You and your company can’t feed everyone, but you can feed a few of your neighbors and have fun doing it. A Donate a Dinner Charitable Team Building Workshop is one of those rare occasions where there’s an immediate payoff for communicating and collaborating with your coworkers.

The better you work together–the quicker you solve puzzles, riddles, and other games–the more points you’ll win. During this lively but friendly problem-solving competition, you and your team will work together to win as many points as you can–the more points, the bigger the meal you’ll donate.

Community building activities can be transformative experiences particularly when you partner with your favorite social service organization. Local charitable groups always welcome the support of generous businesses who are willing to donate their time, talents, and resources to a noble cause.

Our Donate a Dinner workshop can fulfill your desire to bolster your company’s image and boost your goodwill in your city. Equally important, your gift of a sumptuous meal to a hungry family will fuel your passion to add value to the lives of your colleagues, your needy neighbors, and yourself.
Whether you select a food pantry, an emergency first responder organization, or a shelter, the presentation of a big fat check to your chosen charity for the purchase of food items–that will leave a sweet taste in your mouth which just might last forever.

Sometimes it helps to refresh your commitment to professional goals, by turning the focus to something outside the workplace. Community building activities can facilitate self-discovery. When you reach out to help another, your inner being shines.

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