Small/Office Team Building

Becoming the Best of the Best

As an international soft skills training company, we’ve developed some of the most effective team building workshops and team building exercises for small office teams anywhere. For fifteen years, we’ve worked with companies all across the United States, Canada, and Europe in the arena of team development. Our creative, fun, and engaging team building activities and games help instill and advance high-level team capabilities and successful skills like effective communication and collaboration, creative thinking, problem solving, leadership, and active listening. The workshops we offer are specifically designed for small group team building to promote greater team bonding, enthusiasm, and appreciation for every team member’s unique set of skills, background, and perspectives.

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Unique Team Building Workshops

We have a full slate of team building workshops that can be specifically tailored to the unique challenges and needs of your company or organization. Our Charity Team Building Workshops not only benefit your team members, but they contribute to the well-being of your local community as well. Our Outdoor Team Building challenges are stimulating, energizing, and invigorating, putting your team in new situations and giving them fresh perspectives on the roles each member plays. We also offer professional development in everything from relational sales training to superior presentation skills to identifying and developing leadership qualities.


What if our company has specific goals we’d like to have our team members work on?
We can incorporate any of your company’s specific goals into the event we design for you. Whether you need improved communication, or more effective collaboration, or deeper levels of trust and respect, our team building workshops are geared to promote all those goals and more!
Do you conduct your workshops at your facility or at our site?
We can do team building services wherever you prefer, wherever you think your team will benefit the most. We do workshops both indoors and outside, as well.
How do games and exercises help a team become more effective?
To succeed in our games and exercises, your team members must communicate clearly, work together effectively, and learn to trust one another – the very skills that will make them more successful in their work environment.

Team Fusion

We created Team Fusion™ for clients who needed more than a day of games and even more than basic team building. This workshop delivers team building plus! By that we mean a coaching system that not only targets specific issues but also teaches participants how to achieve ongoing positive change …even after the workshop has long ended!

Check out these other Options

Corporate/Large Team Building

The key to large corporate team building success is utilizing team building activities and workshops that are specifically designed for large companies and organizations. They are highly enjoyable, engaging, and successful in building strong and effective team skills like trust, collaboration, communication, as well as greater team bonding.

School/Association Team Building

For schools, positive relationships among your teachers and staff are invaluable to accomplishing the educational goals for your students. For associations, your team needs to be collaborative, trusting, and communicate effectively. Our team building activities and workshops will promote those skills, and more, for both schools and associations.

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