Mission: Kids Care

Ready for liftoff? Prepare yourself and your team for success with our Mission: Kids Care™ Charity Team Building Workshop.

Mission-Kids-Care-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoEveryone works to prepare local kids for school, and everyone learns valuable workplace skills while having a great time doing it.

That’s the 3-part mission of Mission: Kids Care™…the community benefits, your team benefits, and everyone has a great time. How do we do it?

Great Workshops are Designed that Way

Activity-Debrief-Transfer-ArrowsOur expert workshop developers have an average of 20 years in the business, so they know what works. They know that a charitable dimension adds a phenomenal dose of motivation to any workshop. They also know that designing hands-on activities which drive home lessons will produce tangible results for participants.

Tangible results? We know that you probably don’t want to spend your training money on just a good time for your team. From experience, we know that you’d like them to return to work better than they were before.

That’s why we use a four-part model: Challenge, Activity, Debrief, Transfer in our workshops. It ensures your team comes away having learned lessons that apply to their jobs…that’s tangible results!

The Power of Preparation Works for Kids and for You!

The back-to-school season is a busy time for families with kids. Unfortunately for some, it’s also a stressful time, financially. You wouldn’t believe what it costs to send a child back to school these days! Many families right in your community can’t even afford the basic supplies necessary to start a new year at school: pencils, paper, backpack, etc.

That’s where Mission: Kids Care™ and your team come in. You’ll be assembling back-to-school kits for local kids in need. Backpacks will be packed with everything that’s required to start the new year off right. By preparing correctly, kids learn that it can make a huge difference in how successful they can be.

Teams also learn the value of preparation, which is so often overlooked in the work place. When the office gets busy, key steps in proper planning get left out and teams are left to “wing it”, very often compromising performance.

What’s Your Next Plan of Action?

Speaking of planning, what’s your next move? Why not call us or fill out our quote form? Learn more about how our Mission: Kids Care™ workshop can advance your team goals, and how we can customize it for you. Call us today!

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