Mission: Kids Care

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Mission: Kids Care helps students in your local community!  Each fall as kids in your area head back to school, a large number of them will not have the financial ability to purchase basic school supplies.  They’ll go without basic items like backpacks, paper, pencils, scissors, etc., or teachers end up paying for these items out of their own pocket.

With Mission: Kids CareTM your team can provide important school supplies to kids in your community and have a lot of fun doing it. This workshop is centered on the importance of understanding how important preparation is to help accomplish goals.

Many leaders and teams have a Ready, Fire, Aim approach to success.   Your team will have a mission to engage in fun and entertaining activities that are centered around the message of working together as a team to accomplish the ultimate mission – helping kids and parents at a critical time so they can be prepared. This can only be done by understanding how to prepare for success.

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Your group will learn:

  • How a team comes together with a common goal
  • The importance of preparing before ever implementing
  • The power of collaboration
  • How to test success
  • How to know when the mission is complete

Your completed care packages will go to kids in the local community.  Care packages can also include items needed for women and children’s shelters, or customized with holiday items for your year-end meetings.

Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.

Alexander Graham Bell

*This event is part of our Leveraging Literacy series, a group of team-building opportunities specifically designed to provide books for children in your community. Research has shown that literacy has a direct impact on a person’s income level and health, which affects families for generations to come. The Leveraging Literacy series uses The Book Bundler to help you build a future for kids in your very own neighborhood.