Campfire Connections

What type of leader are you? Finding out could be the key to becoming better at what you do – even if you’re not in a leadership position at work!

rob jacksonLeadership lessons are everywhere these days, and top business influencers seem to find inspiration in the most unlikely of places. Our very own Rob Jackson has written an insightful book, Campfire Connections on the subject, and it demonstrates that sometimes our best leaders were those we encountered early on in life – people who never even set foot in a board room!

Campfire Leadership

Rob has found success with his book, called Campfire
Leadership: Effective Leadership from a Personality Perspective
Our leadership program is based on the principles outlined in the book and the feedback we’ve received from leaders who’ve completed the training has been overwhelmingly and consistently positive.

The Book is Now a Workshop

Now you don’t have to read the book or attend the whole leadership training program to benefit from Rob’s wisdom and unique insight. We’ve just created Campfire Connections, a workshop based on our full-fledged leadership training but condensed and transformed into a workshop format so any group can benefit.

Campfire ConnectionsA Unique Take on Leadership Styles

The concept behind Campfire Connections is simple to grasp- that’s what makes it so useful to so many different types of employees! In fact, you don’t even have to be in a leadership position to benefit from this workshop. It was created for everyone.

The foundations of this workshop are rooted in the exploration of personality styles. We divide the world into 4 types of leaders:

  1. Torch leader
  2. Disco Light leader
  3. Spotlight leader
  4. Lighthouse leader

The fun part is, all the personalities that gather ’round the old campfire make for great discussion because we all know people who fit each type! Seen through the eyes of Rob Jackson, leadership styles are easy to understand and fun to explore. Your group will come away with a fresh new outlook on leaders, teams, and themselves, as well as how they all fit into the whole picture at work.

Ready to explore our leadership program for ‘non-leaders’? Send us a message through the form right here on the website or just call – either way, we can’t wait to tell you about this great new workshop!