Professional Development Workshops

Magnovo offers a wide range of professional development workshops delivered in a highly interactive classroom environment.

Our professional facilitators are not talking heads standing in front of the room for hours on end – we wouldn’t want to sit in that so we don’t teach like that! Each workshop is made up of individual modules that include interactive elements to reinforce the skills highlighted. We can tailor the length of the program to fit your goals and budget by selecting the modules that are the best fit. Typically these workshops are delivered in a half day or full day format.


Promotable Executive Presence TM

What’s missing in individuals to promote from within at your organization? Executive Presence is something that needs to be developed and maintained in order to reach full potential as a leader. Invest in your top talent to provide the skill sets necessary to be promoted from within! In this workshop we’ll accelerate the Executive Presence process by focusing on key characteristics. Motivate employees to adopt a new mindset to transition successfully and quickly into a new leadership role.professional-development-workshops-promotable-executive-presense

Professional Development Workshops: Presentation Skills Training

Superior Presentation Skills TM

The power of public speaking is a key professional development skill. Your ability to communicate your message so that others listen, understand and act will take you further than most other skills in the business environment. Whether it’s speeches, public speaking or presentations, it is your message that’s important. Superior Presentation Skills™ focuses on developing individual skills and empowering your team to become more confident and influential presenters. In a small classroom environment with one-on-one coaching, the focus of this workshop is to learn how to effectively connect with your audience. Professional Development Workshops: Superior Presentation Skills


Campfire Leadership TM

Every individual has the potential ability to lead – it’s the weaknesses that often hold them back. Enjoy a higher level of success by learning how your personality and leadership style impacts the performance of your team. High performing teams learn to appreciate the strengths and diversity by accepting and embracing the differences rather than let them be a source of conflict. Become a Campfire Leader and investigate the complexities and value of how to modify your message to motivate, engage and lead.professional-development-workshops-campfire-leadership


DiSC Personality Discovery TM

Is your team facing personality challenges? Do your leaders need help connecting with employees? DiSC® Personality Workshop TM helps participants understand different personality styles in a way that is both relatable and meaningful as we take a look at the value others bring to the team. The DiSC® assessment breaks personality styles down to four primary temperaments. Your team will learn how each style has different communication styles and underlying motivations, providing a basis for respect and productivity. Different does not mean wrong!professional-development-workshops-disc-personality-discovery-workshop


Relational Sales Training

Salespeople involved in marketing complex products and services often find themselves in the role of “relationship manager”. Gain a competitive advantage by improving sales skills with our customer-oriented approach. This workshop will help your team develop effective presentation techniques, account planning strategies and negotiation tactics. Magnovo’s relational sales training guides individuals from transaction-focused selling to true consultative selling, transforming sales into a collaboration-focused business partnership that produces long-term, measurable sales results.professional-development-workshops-relational-sales-training


Leading Through Change TM

Changes in corporate philosophy, leadership, technology, and the economy are just some of the issues that create stress on employees and teams. This Leading Through Change workshop is designed to help provide employees and leaders with tools and techniques to effectively work through change. We will uncover the 8 Strategies to Leading Change in Your Organization to bring your team back to high performance. Change is inevitable, and your team must be prepared to adequately deal with it when it arrives.professional-development-workshops-leading-through-change


Anything Everything TM

We have compiled the best of what has proven to be effective in the last 50 years in the training industry. Tried and true assessments, the latest learning models, effective feedback, interactive initiatives – anything and everything your organization needs to move towards high performance. We listen to what you want to accomplish and carefully hand craft a program for your team. If your group doesn’t have specific conflict and isn’t a leadership team but you still want some type of classroom workshop to build skills and help the team gel, Anything EverythingTM is it!professional-development-workshops-anything-everything


Conflict Management

Does your team have an “us versus them” attitude? Is conflict in the workplace inhibiting success? Conflict can tear teams apart from the inside out. If it’s not resolved, it can result in very low morale and ultimately retention problems. In this Conflict Management workshop, our professional facilitators will help identify the underlying problems, bring to the surface some of the challenging issues and help your team build skills to resolve individual and team conflicts in a positive and productive manner.professional-development-workshops-conflict-management