Promotable Executive Presence

Are you frustrated because you want to promote from within, but your team doesn’t possess the necessary executive presence?

Stop spending money to attract talent with Executive Presence from the outside. Why not invest in your top talent to provide the skill sets necessary to be promoted from within!

What is Executive Presence? For a lot of people it’s one of those things that’s hard to define but you know it when you see it. Some learn it through trial and error over the years, others come by some of the characteristics naturally. It is something that has to be developed and maintained throughout your executive career and is necessary to advance up the corporate ladder.

Accelerate Executive Presence by focusing on key characteristics.

Promotable Executive Presence isn’t something you slip on like a suit jacket and now you possess it. It is earned from those around you by consistently demonstrating certain characteristics:


  • Communication – every time you open your mouth you have to be clear, concise and speak with warmth and authenticity
  • Connection – with an understanding of personality styles you learn to be engaging and create listener-focused connections
  • Captivating – how you relate to others with composure, charisma and your appearance determines their overall perception of you
  • Credibility – the key to building trust in a conversation and a relationship, it stems from a commitment to integrity
  • Compelling – making deliberate choices with confidence and conviction creates that “we’ll follow you anywhere” trait

In this Promotable Executive Presence ™ workshop we provide a solid foundation for learning these important leadership characteristics. Through active practice of the key development areas, we will help your team navigate the corporate landscape and set them up to be promoted from within.

The elusive Executive Presence can be acquired with the right training, guidance and practice.

Customized: Since each workshop is customized, participants gain hands-on experience in situations that are common to their work environment.
Length: Workshops range from half day (raising awareness) to time-spaced multiple day workshops (creating behavior change). The length of the workshop determines the results expected.

“Promoting from within is generally a good idea as the employee who is promoted will be inspired by the new role, already know the business inside out, and have the trust and respect of their team.” Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group