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No matter what your political opinions are, you have to admit that Washington D.C. is an incredible city. And even though D.C. gets a lot of flack for what goes on in the beltway, there’s no denying the history, beauty, and vision on display from the National Mall and the Reflecting Pool to the Shakespeare Library.

In other words, there’s more to Washington D.C. than politicians, lobbyists, and gridlock. In between all this is a rich and vibrant city, one where we’re proud to deliver the best Washington D.C. team building in the industry. There’s a reason that so many D.C. area business come to us when they need teamwork activities that actually make a difference. Contact us today and we’ll design a workshop for you that’s custom-made, effective, and always original.

Team Building that Plays Well in Washington D.C.

But our workshops aren’t original for its own sake. Our innovations flow naturally from the D.C. area culture and our clients’ unique needs. The last thing you want is the same old thing again and again: outdated programs that never worked in the first place.

That’s why we do our homework. It’s the best way to stay in the vanguard of team building and keep your staff’s attention. We keep a very close eye on what’s trending in the D.C. area, especially on how things stand in the business community. We also revisit and reinvent our workshops frequently, to ensure that we deliver the results that matter.

Our Washington, D.C. team building hooks up directly with the best parts of the area’s culture to give your staff the best learning experience possible. We know what makes the city tick and how to let it benefit your company. Whether it’s finding the ideal venue for one of our corporate events or connecting you to one of the fabulous charity event in D.C., we know how to make this incredible city work for you.

What Makes for Great D.C. Team Building?

We deliver the most accomplished team building activities in all of Washington D.C. and the surrounding areas. How do we know this? We know because we see the results every day. We see the progress our clients make and take great satisfaction in it.

Corporate team building events might look similar on the surface, but they’re definitely not all created equal. In other words, some are better than others at teaching the skills that will help your employees grow into a team. By staying linked to commonplace, real-world situations, the communication and leadership skills our workshops teach are constantly in demand.

Today’s managers understand that employee training is an ongoing process. Even if they’ve mastered the technical aspects of their jobs, employees must continue to work on big picture skills over the entire course of their career. In the corporate world of today, effective group participation is always right in the center of this big picture. That’s another way we know we’re the best– because our clients return to work as part of a team.

Some fun ideas for Washington DC team building downtown or in the surrounding area

Magnovo can facilitate any of these Washington DC team building workshops at your conference center downtown or in the surrounding areas:


When it comes to leadership development, corporate training events, and Washington DC team building, Magnovo Training Group has you covered!

There’s a reason why Washington DC is home to so many major companies like Booz Allen Hamilton, CGI, Gannett, Sodexo, as well as many other booming businesses.

With a rich sports history, and major teams like the Capitals, Wizards, Redskins, and the Nationals, Washington DC isn’t just a great place to work, it’s a great place to play too!

Add in the availability of Washington Dulles and Washington National airports with flight connections to just about everywhere, and you have the perfect storm of meeting space, events, and accessibility for your Washington DC team building event!

Some of our favorite venues for Washington DC team building

These hotels have the necessary meeting space square footage, amenities, and warm, welcoming staff.
Washington DC Team Building | St. Regis

St. Regis
923 16th St NW | Washington, DC 20006 | (202) 638-2626 | Map & Directions

Park Hyatt Washington DC
1201 24th St, NW | Washington, DC 20037 | (202) 789-1234 | Map & Directions

JW Marriott
1331 Pennsylvania Avenue NW | Washington, DC 20004 | (202) 393-2000 | Map & Directions

Fairmont Washington D.C., Georgetown
2401 M St NW | Washington, DC 20037 | (202) 429-2400 | Map & Directions

Corporate training opportunities in the Washington DC area

If you’re looking for corporate training and leadership development, we offer many workshops that can be delivered at your chosen location in Washington DC and the surrounding area:


We also offer our workshops in these Maryland cities


Fun AND Educational!

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