Las Vegas Team Building

Some fun ideas for Las Vegas team building downtown or in the surrounding area

Magnovo can facilitate any of these team building workshops at your conference center in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas:

Here are a few of our Signature Custom Events

Rescue Buddies
Assemble Stuffed Animals to Provide Comfort

Did you know first responders keep stuffed animals in their vehicles to calm children in distressed situations?



Impact the Life of a Small Child by Building A Bike

Working together and understanding personality styles, everyone wins in the #1 CSR activity!

Mission: Military Care
A Passion for Supporting Our Deployed Soldiers

Care packages custom filled with the most requested items. Incudes a heartfelt note from your team!



Puttin’ Pantry
Creativity Shines While Building a Mini Golf Course

Bring out a sense of community and the best in team spirit gathering nonperishable food items.

Team Synergy
High Performance Team Building

Learning masked in fun! Engage your team in action-based learning to enhance team skills.



Wagon Builders
Break Down Barriers by Building Wagons

Bring normalcy to victims of domestic abuse or life threatening illnesses with your donation.

Build Wheelchairs for a Local or Global Group

Put your team in the driver’s seat and realize the challenge to be wheelchair bound.



Mission: Kids Care
Provide Important School or Holiday Packages

Imagine looking around the room and not having the needed schools supplies that other kids have.

When it comes to leadership development, corporate training events, and Las Vegas team building, Magnovo Training Group has you covered!

We all know that there’s one reason to come to Las Vegas – fun and the nightlife! With 24 hour activities, you can get your fix on until the cows come home.

Add in the availability of McCarran International Airport (LAS) with constant flights on all of the major airlines, the numerous major hotels with acres of conference space, and you have the perfect storm of meeting space, nightlife, and accessibility for your Las Vegas team building event!

Las Vegas Team Building That Lives Up to the Name

Sin City, Glitter Gulch, The Entertainment Capital of the World: no matter what you call it, Las Vegas is probably the most fabulous city on the planet. No matter where you go in the world, Vegas has a well-deserved reputation for fun, mayhem, and risk.

And corporate team building in Las Vegas has to keep up with this frenetic pace. It has to keep your team engaged, moving, and constantly learning. That’s the perfect Vegas mix and exactly what we can do for your company. We offer Las Vegas team building activities that are fast-paced, fun, and truly effective.

In other words, they get results. Whether they’re encouraging leadership and innovation in the Clark County Wetlands Park or problem-solving in Vegas themed escape scenario, our team building activities will help your team grow in ways that you can see, touch, and feel. With us, the skills they learn in Vegas don’t stay in Vegas. They stay with you and continue to grow.

Team Building with Obvious Benefits

And that’s what your department needs, right? You don’t want to waste your time with ridiculous trust falls or sack races. You want Las Vegas team building ideas that have benefits you can see and measure. Sure, your people need to have some fun, but it has to be fun with a purpose.

With our Las Vegas corporate team building, you get activities that are aligned with your goals and solution-driven. You want your team to emerge from their Vegas workshop equipped with skills that actually increase production, efficiency, and the bottom line.

We teach teamwork principles that can be applied in real-world settings. And no matter what sort of environment or business you’re working in, our workshops plant seeds that yield immediate benefits and continue to grow long after they’re finished.

And as you know, this adaptability will be especially crucial going forward. As the business world continues to evolve, your team will need communication and teamwork skills that they can use in an increasing number of physical and virtual environments.

Las Vegas Corporate Team Building That Caters to You

Some companies just offer corny team bonding activities that are the same all across the board. Fortunately, what we offer is a little different. Our Vegas team building is localized and completely integrated. We’ll build a workshop that’s custom made for you and your company’s exact needs.

And how do we that? Good question. We do it by getting to know your company. We do it by listening. Then we take what we learn and design team building activities that are deeply embedded in the best of Las Vegas culture. We know the city of Las Vegas intimately, especially the ways that it can help your team develop true ownership of their jobs.

We customize our Las Vegas team building workshops at two different levels. First, we customize them to fit your company’s exact needs. We design them to address the areas where you’re currently having problems. Then, we use our comprehensive knowledge of Las Vegas to contextualize our activities perfectly. With us, your team will have a workshop experience that can only happen in Las Vegas.

Team Building that Potentiates Your Staff’s Natural Talents

Individually, your team members are dedicated, smart, and creative. They wouldn’t be working for you if they weren’t. But with so many people entering the workforce without teamwork skills, they need opportunities to maximize their talents by working within defined roles. By meshing our innovative team building ideas with your specific needs, our workshops teach communication, personal responsibility, and the art of working together toward a common goal.

Innovative Las vegas team building ideas are easier to come up with when you know the city as well as we do. And they’re easier to apply to your company as well, in ways that produce noticeable results. All we have to do is pay attention.

Some of our favorite venues for Las Vegas team building

These hotels have the necessary meeting space square footage, amenities, and warm, welcoming staff.
Las Vegas Team Building | Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas
3708 Las Vegas Boulevard South | Las Vegas NV, 89103 | (702) 698-7000 | Map & Directions

Venetian Las Vegas
3355 S Las Vegas Blvd | Las Vegas, NV 89109 | (702) 414-1000 | Map & Directions

Bellagio Resort
3600 Las Vegas Blvd South | Las Vegas, NV 89109 | (702) 693-7111 | Map & Directions

Tropicana Las Vegas
3801 Las Vegas Blvd S | Las Vegas, NV 89109 | (702) 739-2222 | Map & Directions

Luxor Hotel & Casino
3900 Las Vegas Blvd S | Las Vegas, NV 89109 | (877) 386-4658 | Map & Directions


Corporate training opportunities in the Las Vegas area

If you’re looking for corporate training and leadership development, we offer many workshops that can be delivered at your chosen location in Las Vegas and the surrounding area:
Superior Presentation Skills – presentation skills training for today’s environment
Leading Through Change – the eight strategies to driving change in your organization
Campfire Leadership – learn to combine the best of all personality styles to become the ultimate leader
Promotable Executive Presence – teaching your team how to get promoted from within
DiSC Personality Discovery – Improving your team’s interaction through DiSC personality training
Conflict Management – Helping you to reduce and mitigate conflict in the workplace
Relational Sales Training – An in-depth guide to how relationship selling can improve your closing quick
Anything Everything – the completely customized professional development workshop

We also offer our workshops in these Nevada cities

Henderson Team Building | Las Vegas Team Building | Reno Team Building | Sparks Team Building

Las Vegas:
1930 Village Center Circle #3-3642
Las Vegas NV 89134

Fun AND Educational!

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