Rescue Buddies Workshop With Accenture

Learning In a Family-Like Atmosphere

accenture-logoThe following is a summary of the workshop we held with a group from Accenture in Parsippany, New Jersey. It was a small and intimate gathering of 22 Accenture employees, all of whom seemed more like family than just an anonymous group of co-workers.

This fact alone made for a warm and enjoyable workshop, but it became even more welcoming as the group started to get out of themselves and participate in a project for charity. Just as importantly, each and every one of the 22 employees in attendance saw the tremendous value in teamwork.

Nothing Recharges the Spirit Like Being Part of Something Bigger

The beautiful drive from Philadelphia to Parissippany, New Jersey was a perfect indicator of how satisfying the Accenture Rescue Buddy Workshop would be. The Accenture staff had just experienced some pretty sweeping changes in their company structure, so we knew in advance that they needed to slow things down and regroup a bit.

The Accenture management team had told us in advance exactly what they wanted out of the workshop. They wanted their staff to have a little fun, recommit to one another’s success, and participate in something bigger than themselves. Management was obviously very sensitive to the needs of their staff. Consequently, they wanted them to take a step back, focus on the bigger picture, and refine teamwork skills they could apply going forward.

A Rescue Buddy Workshop Was The Perfect Prescription

After talking with management, we agreed that a Rescue Buddy workshop would be a great way for the staff to regroup. Rescue Buddies is a program where we divide the staff into teams and they assemble stuffed animal toys for various institutions to give to children in distress. In this case, the institution was the Troy Hills Township Police Department.

Before we got the main event, we helped the staff relax with a few teamwork oriented mini-games. These games are designed to break the ice and improve teamwork skills. The Accenture staff loosened up quickly once the games got started and their cheerful moods set a great tone for the final phase of the workshop.

Just as we predicted, assembling the stuffed animals was the best part of the workshop. The Troy Hills police were truly grateful for the toys and by the time it was all over, there were smiles all around and the Accenture team left with an experience to remember.