Magnovo In The News: Colette Johnston Joins The Team

Magnovo Training Group, a professional development and team building company, recently announced the addition of a new member, Colette Johnston, to its team. Johnston, a corporate specialist who focuses on building soft skills related to effective leadership, presentation skills training, and executive presence coaching, will work closely with business leaders to define workplace needs, provide communication techniques, and influence change.

Magnovo In The News: Colette Johnston Joins The TeamMagnovo Training Group is thrilled to have Colette Johnston join our growing company,” said Rob Jackson, the president of the company. “Colette brings a wealth of experience and industry knowledge. She is a seasoned professional when it comes to working with clients and assessing their workshop needs.”For over 15 years, Johnston has helped organizations and their team members build cultures of sustainable learning, leadership training, and team work. Due to her experience with owning several successful businesses and working with a variety of companies – ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations – Johnston understands the unique challenges that face each individual market segment.Johnston also brings an emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility to her business partnerships with charity team building exercises. In 2001, she first experienced charity team building workshops like bicycle building and derived great enjoyment from watching a corporate executive build bicycles which were then given to children in the local community. Her approach stresses the importance of learning about the organization’s business environment, and creating long-lasting relationships with clients that can extend across departments and countries.

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