Chicago Bicycle Team Building Event

Recently, Magnovo partnered with a leading global supplier of edible oils and fats to deliver a Chicago Bicycle Team Building event workshop as part of an on-site sales meeting for their workforce.

The meeting brought global teams together, with representatives coming from as far as Holland and Scotland. Being a company that enjoys a global presence, their main agenda was to improve their communication skills. While they were all willing to work together, they still acknowledged that this simply wasn’t possible without the necessary foundational skills.


With all of these factors in mind, we collaborated with the client to determine the optimal team building event to achieve their goals, and the client chose our famous Bike-A Thon bicycle team building workshop for this event. Bike-A-Thon is a bicycle building team activity where executives and their employees come together in teams to build bicycles for charity.

This program is designed to highlight individual personalities and how they impact the work environment. Within different business units, or very possibly even within a single team, every business or company is comprised of different personalities – the logical, the creative, the drivers and so on. Any time you have an organization this size, it quickly becomes apparent that interdepartmental communication and cooperation is critical to the company’s success. This is exactly what the Bike-A-Thon bicycle team building workshop teaches participants – to interact and to partner up to get their tasks accomplished. Not only within their direct team, but within other teams across the organization.


As each team puts together the parts to build the brand new bicycles to donate to charity, they are taught how to steer through their problems to accomplish their goals, and how no person is an island. As part of the post-workshop debrief, each team could easily see how each individual had been crucial to their achievements, and how they had accomplished more as a team. Because of the additional brain teaser challenges, no single person on the team would be able to build even a single bicycle by themselves – it takes the entire team to pull it off.

The Outcome

The team’s hard work paid off in the form of 5 new bicycles which were donated to the Spanish Community Center, a United Way partner near Chicago. Aside from learning new communication skills the bicycle team building event also teaches the value of giving back to the community which is one of the organization’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. While they grew stronger as a team they were also able to have fun and make a difference in the lives of 5 lucky boys and girls.

The team will certainly carry the lessons learned and the fun memories with them as they return to their respective areas. This fantastic Chicago team building event helped both the employees and their local community, and we want to thank all the employees who participated and made the event a success.

Contact us to learn how we can help make your charity team building event a success! Not only do we deliver Chicago team building events, we deliver team building throughout Illinois, the Midwest, and across the United States. Let us show you why we’re the team building partner of choice for the Fortune 500.

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Chicago Bicycle Team Building Event - Photo 3 - Build Bikes

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Chicago Bicycle Team Building Event - Photo 5 - Build Bikes

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