Charitable Team Building In A Crisis

Charitable team building in a crisis can help your community at its greatest hour of need and develop stronger bonds among your workers than ever before.

“Don’t find fault. Find a remedy.”-Henry Ford

How has the pandemic affected your ability to serve your clients? Don’t try to fake it, with a bogus “marketing spin” because, in this current chaotic climate, you won’t make it!

Be as honest as you can be and own the new normal of COVID19 along with them. Explore how their needs for your goods or services may have changed. Then look for ways that you can partner with your customers to weather the storm together.

One way to facilitate this kind of brainstorming is to launch a full-on campaign to better learn how to adjust your leadership style during this crisis. Your business model may have to change, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing if your relationships with customers grow stronger.

“In every crisis, doubt or confusion, take the higher path – the path of compassion, courage, understanding and love.” -Amit Ray

Ironically, charitable team building in a crisis is a golden opportunity to ramp up your commitment to corporate social responsibility. Now is the time to increase the company’s goodwill throughout your city!

First of all, look at how COVID19 is impacting your town and identify ways you can help. Next, conduct a marathon of online charitable team building workshops that literally blanket your whole community.

For example, local first responders need all the support they can get. One way you can help is to provide toys for distribution to sick, injured, or abused children. Working remotely from home, your colleagues can send a batch of Rescue Buddies to police officers and other emergency care heroes to give to kids they encounter during fires, domestic violence incidents, and other traumas. These so-called Rescue Buddies are stuffed bears, birds, and other BFF-beasties made for cuddling by kids who need something wonderful to cling to. 

Next up: through the magic of online technology, your team can conduct a Bike-A-Thon arranging for the delivery of brand new bikes to a local charity like the Boys and Girls Club for distribution to needy kids. They may not be able to go far, for the sake of social distancing, but they can ride in their yards and enjoy a bit of fresh air. 

From coast to coast, the ranks of the unemployed have exploded and so have the number of hungry mouths to feed! Millions of these people have never had to confront the trauma of unemployment and hunger and most never been to a food bank in their lives!

You can help ease their anguish and boost your employees’ morale at the same time. No doubt the food banks in your area will welcome any available help to serve this increasing need. So why not donate a dinner or two or more so that some newly cash-strapped families can have a healthy meal. 

And in some cities, teachers are joining forces to provide food for kids who are on lockdown at home. Why? Because for millions of poor children the only meals they received came from the school itself. Here again, is an opportunity for charitable team building in a crisis to save the day and fill some hungry bellies.

“A leader leads, and a boss drives.”–Theodore Roosevelt

Your “boss” instincts, notwithstanding, your leadership skills have never been more desperately needed or sorely tested than they are right now. 

Magic Johnson said, “When you face a crisis, you know who your true friends are.” Step up and show your community that your company is a true friend who’s willing to stay the course with them throughout this calamity.