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Are you trying to keep morale up while your team is apart?

These are challenging times and feeling isolated is a common occurrence.   We have a plan to help you stay connected and  engaged!

In our ever changing world, with different rules and restrictions changing daily, we all are searching for a little bit of comfort and a way to give back as we adjust to living and working at a distance.

Rescue-BuddiesWe want to help you to help others, even while you work at home. With Remote Rescue Buddies you can experience a new kind of team building workshop electronically with your coworkers, staff, students, or other forms of organization.

While individuals work remotely in an effort to flatten the curve, we want to still be able to engage with one another, for mental health and health of your organization. Connection and communication benefits everyone. Supplies will be sent to your organization for distribution of kits to each person attending your event.

We will work with you to set up remote video software to run your team building event with all members able to connect and chat while creating the Rescue Buddies.

This message carries through to helping others in your community as your team assembles stuffed animals that come with a unique backpack and birth certificate. Understanding your specific goals will help us select the activities that are the best fit for your team in this fast-paced, fun learning environment.

Charity team building that’s meaningful for your team and your community.

Charity Team Building Fun!

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Magnovo Training Group
"Working with other teams to achieve a goal was very valuable. Also talking about the importance of communication and where there are often challenges due to communication styles and lack of communication."
4 out of 5 stars
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