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Looking for Good Team Building Activities in Phoenix?

Good team building activities are those which have relevance in the real world, and which bring participants together to do or create something with real meaning.  Magnovo’s Bicycle Team Building Workshop does both.  Right now in Phoenix, that’s more true than ever…read on to see why!

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Dallas Housing Boom Causes Distress for Poor: Charity Team Building Workshop Can Help

Dallas real estate agents are celebrating, so the last thing on their minds right now is a charity team building workshop.  What’s to celebrate?   High volume sales and tidy profits, as the booming housing market in our city continues to expand. There’s a downside to the boom, however, and it concerns the poor in our city.

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Team Building Outdoor Games in San Antonio Just Got a Boost from UNESCO

Everyone loves a chance to get out of the office- which is why team building outdoor games that make up the The Amazing Scavenger Race make this such a popular workshop here at Magnovo.  It’s a corporate team building workshop that’s perfect for groups who want to improve skills while they enjoy the beautiful weather as they get out

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Wells Fargo's New Twist on Corporate Volunteering

Wells Fargo’s New Twist on Corporate Volunteering

Wells Fargo is a company driven by vision and values – like corporate volunteering.  They’ve been committed to a strong sense of company vision and guided by a mission statement for longer than most companies, and part of that has always been a strong belief in their own corporate social responsibility.  Perhaps that’s why their

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Team Builder Activities for Houston – Get on Board!

Who’s ready for team builder activities? This past March, Houston finally got its first protected bike lane.  Take a spin down Lamar Street from Discovery Green to the Sam Houston Park and you can’t miss the bright green stripe designating the bikes-only part of the road.  It’s a big win for the bicycle-friendly crowd, and

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Three Ways Magnovo Can Help You Have a Positive Impact on the World

Three Ways Magnovo Can Help You Have a Positive Impact on the World

It’s easy to have a positive impact. Recently we received something in our offices that almost brought us to tears…happy tears.  It was a beautifully-crafted piece of original art created by kids from one of our charitable receiving organizations.

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What Our Clients Say

Time was well spent to understand personality types, and key factors that contribute to others' image of us and how we can influence this perception. It was useful to discuss and practice our individual negotiation styles.

The facilitator was very helpful in understanding our team's desires for the workshop and making adjustments and customizing the workshop to fit the team's needs.

As a new employee, this team building event was very beneficial in meeting new coworkers. This was helpful for me for putting a face to a name that I recognized. Thank you for a great experience!

The workshop was a huge success! I heard really great things from the attendees and I want to thank you for all your assistance in making this happen! Your team came through with ease! My clients were happy, the attendees were happy and I am thrilled. Thanks again!

Thank you for an amazing and very well received WheelCharity event. Many of the participants came up to me and with kudos to pass along to you. We thoroughly enjoyed working with you and hope to have more opportunities to collaborate in the future.


The connections I made with colleagues from other departments are invaluable. I was very impressed and pleased with the workshop. The facilitator was awesome and provided excellent guidance. We could tell that he believed what he taught and was engaging. I would recommend Magnovo to any organization seeking to build a stronger team and have fun doing it.


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