Why Teambuilding Matters to TeleTracking

Teletracking BAT

This is why teambuilding matters at TeleTracking: Have you ever been a hospital patient? Then you may know the frustration of being ignored after pressing the “call” button for help. About 25 years ago, TeleTracking developed an app for that. They created technological solutions to improve the quality of patient care.

Teletracking logoThis tech startup launched with a phenomenal team of engineers and technicians and today that team is stronger than ever. But TeleTracking wants to get even stronger. That’s why teambuilding matters so much to this Pittsburgh-based company. And it’s why they called Magnovo to conduct one of our top charitable teambuilding workshops.

Elderly nursing homes residents. Patients in rehab. Hundreds of thousands of patients have suffered unnecessarily while awaiting help from medical personnel. Worse, thousands of exasperated patients have been injured trying to get up on their own.

TeleTracking has one simple mission: to prevent patients from having to wait for the care they need. In their quest to fulfill this rather noble mission they’ve become industry leaders in healthcare technology.

They started with a device that was in every hospital room: the telephone. Today TeleTracking’s “patient flow solutions” save thousands of lives and increase the efficiency of medical teams all over the country. For each medical facility with whom they work, TeleTracking provides “…an interdisciplinary, real-time system that moves people and resources more efficiently and safely than ever before.”

The executive presence of Millennials

The next generation of corporate leadership also explains why teambuilding matters. TeleTracking is only 25 years old, but they’re under no illusions about their future success. The Millennials of today will lead them into a thriving, prosperous future.

In Pittsburgh Pennsylvania we met 65 summer interns and their mentors at the Omni William Penn Hotel. The interns knew they were there to build something and give it away but were given no more details. The Magnovo facilitators got a kick out seeing their faces light up when they learned the truth.

They were about to participate in our Bike-a-Thon Bicycle Teambuilding Workshop. So they’d spend the day building 10 shiny new bikes for needy kids in Pittsburgh. And for each one of those low-income children, these donations would seem like a miracle.

Everyone split into groups and used the skills we taught them about communicating and collaborating as a team. And as they built the bikes, they also developed relationships. Interns got to know each other. Mentors broke the ice with interns. And senior managers reinforced the company’s commitment to being a good corporate neighbor.

Why charity matters

The highlight was the handoff of the 10 bikes to our partnering charity, Family Resources. Founded in 1986, their mission is to “create a better future for the children” in their region. They work with 3,500 families each year offering resources to keep children safe.

The staff counsels parents and teaches them life skills to prevent abuse and domestic violence. And they operate year-round programs to encourage, nurture, and inspire each child.

The Family Resources representative arrived with 10 kids, who were thrilled to receive their new bikes. It was especially touching to watch the dads among the TeleTracking mentors and managers who stepped up to help the kids.

With fatherly patience, they helped adjust the bike heights and helmets. By the end of our time together, some were “walking” the kids around on their bikes teaching them how to ride!

The light in the eyes of those children and the TeleTracking group–that’s why teambuilding matters!