What is Team Building and How Can DiSC Assessments Help?

What is team building and why should you care? After all, you and your company may be poised for success.

What is Team Building and How Can DiSC Assessments Help

You and your colleagues may be on the brink of a breakthrough that could refine “best practices” in your industry. You and your coworkers may be standing at the threshold of unimagined financial wealth.

The key words here are your company…your colleagues…your coworkers–they are key because you cannot get “there” from where you are without each other. What is team building, then? It’s your launchpad and your rocket. It’s your fuel and your guidance system. It’s your tractor beam. It’s your propulsion. It’s your ballast. It’s your anchor.

What is team building? It’s the magnet that pulls you together and the glue that holds you together. It’s your protective shield when you’re under enemy attack. It’s your solace when you momentarily hit the skids.

So how do you build a team? First, do you know what kind of talent you need on your team? Once that hurdle is breached, and you recruit and hire them; the next big hurdle is knowing what to do with them in order to bring out their very best.

Even after the ice is broken and strangers are no longer strangers, that doesn’t mean that they’ll be friends or that they’ll have chemistry. That’s the challenge in team building: finding the secret formula to create chemistry among disparate personalities.

DiSC assessments can help you identify personality types and learn how to work with them. It can turn days of confusion and exasperation into “Aha!” moments of clarity about how some of your most high maintenance staffers tick. How? DiSC assessments expose their clockworks.

What is team building? It’s redirecting your energies effectively so that instead of having some employees playing tennis; some playing football; and still others playing basketball, you all start playing the same game. And by helping you identify the strengths and weaknesses of each member, strategic and effective team building will help you win each game.

And the beauty of DiSC assessments is that weaknesses in one staffer don’t have to weaken the whole team. Effective use of personality assessments arms you with the information you need to shore up a person’s weaknesses and encourage them as they develop a plan of action to get stronger, sharper, and more proficient. Employees are more willing to risk transparency with a manager in whom they have confidence. When you become an advocate for that employee, you gain an ally, and a more productive team member; which means that you have a stronger team.