Wells Fargo’s New Twist on Corporate Volunteering

Wells Fargo is a company driven by vision and values – like corporate volunteering.  They’ve been committed to a strong sense of company vision and guided by a mission statement for longer than most companies, and part of that has always been a strong belief in their own corporate social responsibility.  Perhaps that’s why their corporate team building programs are among the best in the world.The company is led by a visionary leader, who believes the values of the company should be reflected in every relationship that occurs under the guise of Wells Fargo.  This is rooted in the belief that companies do a better job when their employees are less stressed.  That leads to a better company culture and more emotional connection between employees and the company. How do they make that happen?

Wells Fargo's New Twist on Corporate VolunteeringWells Fargo’s Team Member Volunteer Program

Many companies sponsor events which benefit charitable organizations.  Many companies also sponsor corporate team building programs for their employees which also happen to benefit charity.  Wells Fargo goes further and has developed an entire program aimed at putting serious cash on the table for volunteer programs that benefit specific types of charity:

  • low income housing
  • the military
  • aging in place programs for senior citizens
  • use of green components
  • work on foreclosed or abandoned properties
  • They’ve created a grant program, to which registered charities can apply for up to $30,000 in volunteer help.  What do they get?  They get teams of dedicated Wells Fargo employees at their service, for 30 to 600 hours.  Those employees come with a purpose in mind: band together and work hard for the community: it’s a super way to develop camaraderie and build teamwork and it has a definite positive impact back in the office.

Believing in Sustainable Growth

For companies that plan to be in the game for the long haul, thinking about the well-being of their employees is a major part of creating success.  When employees feel that they share values with their employers, they are more likely to work more efficiently with less stress.  Part of Wells Fargo’s strength is in the trust they build with their customers…and that simply would not be possible if they didn’t have a trust relationship with your employees, too.

Weaving together the company values, the mission, the sense of corporate social responsibility, corporate team building programs, and the employees’ well-being and job satisfaction is all part of making sure Wells Fargo serves its customers in the best way possible.  And volunteer programs such as theirs play a pivotal role in all of this.  Perhaps that’s why Magnovo supports Wells Fargo’s ideals in the areas of corporate social responsibility: after all, our goals cross paths when it comes to building great teams and building trust through doing good things for the community.