Wells Enterprises Celebrates New Offices in Minneapolis

Wells Enterprises serves up frozen novelties- loved by kids of all ages. To celebrate their new offices in Minneapolis, they built on their mission of spreading joy with a Rescue Buddies™ charity workshop.

Summer Treats & Some Light Team Building

Wells EnterprisesMaybe it was the summertime vibe, but the group from Wells Enterprises was really just out to have a good time. That’s in keeping with their mission, actually. Their product is ice cream, so naturally they’re in the business of bringing happiness to all their customers.

You’ve heard of Blue Bunny ice cream? Bomb Pops? That’s Wells Enterprises. They also manufacture frozen novelties for Weight Watchers.

The setting was a national sales event here in Minneapolis, so the focus was on having fun as well as giving back. During the initial consultation with them, we learned that team building would take a back seat to the other goals of the workshop.

Wells Enterprises Teams Ge to Work With New Faces

Not everyone at the event worked with everyone else on a daily basis. During our planning session with the group leader, we also learned that another goal was to have a good mix of teams where people got to work with new faces for a change.

That sounds like team building to us! So now we were all off on solid footing as far as what the workshop goals would be.

Rescue Buddies™ Go to Three Different Charities

There happen to be a lot of worthwhile charities in the Minneapolis area that could use some Rescue Buddies™. That’s why Wells Enterprises decided to break new ground with Magnovo and choose not one, not two, but three charities for their donations! They were:

  1. The University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital
  2. The Eden Prairie Fire Department
  3. The Ronald McDonald House

All three organizations work with children to bring them joy under tough circumstances. That’s what Rescue Buddies™ are for, after all. They comfort children who are experiencing difficult times in their lives- whether it’s having to be in the hospital or enduring an emergency situation.

And of course that brings us full circle to Wells Enterprise’s mission of joy.

The charity presentation was off the hook for this workshop, with 3 organizations participating. Each had wonderful stories about how the stuffed animals have been and would be used at their organizations. Heart strings were tugged and everyone from Wells Enterprises will certainly remember their day with Rescue Buddies™, Magnovo, and their new co-workers in Minneapolis.