Support Firefighters with a Teddy Bear Workshop

Here’s a great reason to consider a teddy bear workshop for team building. In Orlando, it’s a different type of “beefcakes” calendar this year for the Orlando Fire Department.  Instead of just the usual photos of pumped up fire fighters, this year they’re still posing of course, but now with pets.  This new twist on the classic and ever-popular calendar theme reminds us that firefighters rescue pets every day.

Rescue BuddiesAs part of their mission to protect lives and property, they help recover pets in need, all the time.  Pets are part of families, so the firefighters believe wholeheartedly in doing everything they can to rescue them in emergencies, and to support services which help pets find homes.

We applaud the Orlando Firefighters!  And here at Magnovo, we can help you support them with our teddy bear workshop, also known as Rescue Buddies.  Teams assemble Teddy bears, give them personalities, then donate them to firefighters.  Why would firefighters need the proceeds of a teddy bear workshop?  Simple: they use them when they encounter kids in crisis.  Giving a kid a stuffed animal helps to calm him or her down, and in a first response environment, that’s crucial.  It helps firefighters (and other first responders) do their jobs.

Two of our favorite groups together in one calendar!

Featured in the 2016 calendar images will be, of course, those famous firefighters but also pets from the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando.  Proceeds from the calendar sales will go to establish the Pet Rescue Fund of the Orlando Fire Department.

Of course here at Magnovo we believe in a lot of good causes for the community.  From our growing list of charity workshops, you’ll also find a new one called “Happy Tails.”  Like the Teddy bear workshop, this also benefits a local charity, but this time it’s the local ASPCA or any animal shelter you choose.

Does the pet rescue charity speak more to your group than the teddy bear workshop?  No problem: just call us up and ask for the Happy Tails Charity Workshop.  We’ll be happy to explain everything, like how we combine fun, interactive workshop activities with solid lessons in workplace skills…all the while making something for a charitable cause.  Lots takes place in a Magnovo charity workshop- give us a call and find out!

P.S. Those awesome Orlando calendars won’t be on sale until this Fall…patience!