Virginia Premier Health Plan Execs Brave the Heat to Help Kids in Richmond, VA

This was a Bike-A-Thon Charity Workshop we staged for a team of executives from Virginia Premier Health Plan. Virginia Premier is a non-profit organization that serves underprivileged people in the Richmond area and their executives wanted us to help them synergize their strengths more efficiently and increase their teamwork skills. This was a group of very intelligent people who told us right up front that they wanted to have a challenging workshop, so we knew we had our work cut out for us coming in. Fortunately, we stage challenging workshops on a daily basis and were able to deliver on their request.

Virginia Premier Health PlanGiving Back in The Middle of the Historic VCU Campus

This was a really interesting workshop, one that included truly dedicated and intelligent people who wanted to improve their teamwork skills and give back to the community. 25 people from Virginia Premier Health Plan were in attendance. We staged the workshop on the lovely brick patio of the Valentine Museum, which stands on the historic Virginia Commonwealth Campus. It was hot out that day and we weren’t sure at first how the team would respond in such conditions, but they came into the workshop with an intense, but friendly competitive spirit.

The Virgina Premier Health Plan team was engaged right from the start. We began the day with an Air Counting activity and a few of mini games to get their juices flowing. This proved to be unnecessary because this team got into the spirit right away, injecting a lot of fun and enthusiasm into the proceedings and obviously working diligently to improve their communication skills. This was very gratifying to us as facilitators because we knew that, as executives for a non-profit organization, this team already knew quite a bit about cooperation.

The Virgina Premier Health Plan Team Helped Themselves and The Boys and Girls Club of Metro Richmond

These executives worked just as hard gathering and assembling the bikes as they did during the earlier activities. We could tell they had a sincere desire to improve their teamwork skill and give back to the community. They chose to donate their bikes to The Boys and Girls Club of Metro Richmond, who were able to send three children to represent the facility and accept the bicycles.

You could see the satisfaction on the executives’ faces as the children graciously accepted the bicycles on behalf of their club. There were a lot of great comments afterward and everyone went home a bit happier than when they arrived.