The Art of Building a Team

When you are building a team, one of the first steps to take is to build a leadership relationship with each of your team members. Keep in mind that loyalty and trust are more effective in building a team than fear.

Cooperation and Trust within the Team

When you are building a team, you should both establish your position as a leader and assist team members in establishing solid relationships with each other. As this happens, be aware of how members of your team work together so that you can make improvements in regards to communication, respect, trust, and the spirit of cooperation as your team progresses

The Art of Building a TeamSolid Communication

Solid communication is key to building a team. You should be willing to consider the ideas of all team members and create an environment of openness and sensitivity.  Mediate whenever necessary to end disputes so that your team can continually strive toward higher goals. Be sure that you establish clear directions for your team members to instill a sense of cohesiveness. Remember as you and your team progress to stress the importance of each team member’s role so that your members have a clear understanding of how each element of the team creates the whole. A priority for you as a leader should be to welcome the concerns and suggestions of members.

Create Goals and Evaluate Team Performance

You should consistently communicate to your team members how they are progressing in regards to established goals.  Your team members need to know how they are both succeeding and not succeeding in order for the team to progress forward. As you are building a team, you must make the goals that you want to accomplish clear to your members. As often as possible, use the method of consensus to define objectives, problem solving approaches, and plans for action. This method will help you to secure commitments from all of your team members.

Encourage Team Members to Be Proactive

As a team leader, you should always encourage both brainstorming and listening among team members.  Members are often leery of disagreeing with one another; thus, they do not always make the best decisions. If you encourage debates in a safe environment , you will enable your team members to be more creative  as they try to reach their goals.

Understand that Building a Team is a Work in Progress

When you are building a team, be flexible and keep in mind that building a team is a work in progress. This approach will ensure that you are open to new ideas, willing to make changes, and always seeking new ways for your team to reach its goals.