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Start Thinking Outside the Box

Technology and the Covid 19 pandemic have fundamentally transformed our work culture. The former paradigm of team structure and traditional work environments has been significantly changed and working relationships today can often feel disconnected, hazy, or stunted. Traditional approaches to team building are no longer effective. At Magnovo, our team building services and team building activities are designed to address these fundamental changes and create interactive team building exercises specifically designed and adapted to this new work culture. By thinking outside the box, we’ll help your team members develop team bonding with effective communication, creative problem solving, and mutual respect and appreciation for each other’s individual differences, perspectives, and backgrounds.

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Working Together

Our team building activities are designed specifically to promote team bonding by custom designing team building exercises that require the input and cooperation of the entire team to accomplish successfully.

In order to achieve any goal as a team, clear and effective communication is a must.
Once the goal is determined, team members must work together to accomplish the individual steps necessary to achieve success.
By getting to know each other through our team building exercises, your team members will develop closer bonds and deeper trust in each other.


Often, the idea of team building is a new concept for an organization. It’s natural to have questions about the process and what to expect.

What kinds of team building programs to you offer?
We can provide your company or organization with an entire array of team building workshops, including a dozen Charity Team Building workshops that will directly benefit your community
Do you conduct your workshops at your facility or at our site?
We can do team building services wherever you prefer, wherever you think your team will benefit the most. We do workshops both indoors and outside, as well.
How experienced are you in the field of corporate training?
We began conduction our team building workshops over 15 years ago after cultivating our process and successfully leading, teaching, and developing our own employees for success. Our facilitators have experience tackling real-life corporate issues across a wide range of industries and professions.

Team Synergy

When you’ve got a team of all-stars, sometimes even they can use a re-focusing session to bring their energies in synch.

That’s what Team Synergy ™ is all about!

Take a high-performing group and what’s a common issue? They don’t feel challenged, or they compete too much. Team Synergy ™ packs in all our most thought-provoking activities to target the advanced skills development you want!

Check out these other Options

Indoor Team Building

Our indoor team building workshops mean you never have to worry about the weather interfering with the focus or success of your corporate team building event.

Outdoor Team Building

Team Building outdoors can be stimulating, energizing, and invigorating for your team members and the success of your corporate team building event.

Fun/Game Team Building

We utilize fun and engaging team building activities & games. Learning through fun is highly effective for teaching and retaining new skills.

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