Team Building for Government Groups

The unique stresses of working in government often go unnoticed by the general public. But here at Magnovo, we’ve worked with government employees for over a decade, helping build stronger teams. We know what makes groups in your industry stronger.

Layoffs, cutbacks, heavy caseloads, and aging infrastructures can be common in some areas of government work. Even beyond that, government employees have a unique blend of stress factors. But ask any good government worker what gets them through, and you’ll most likely hear: teamwork. 

Team Building for Government GroupsKnowing your colleagues have your back, your manager gets your frustrations, and that you can voice your two cents… those are crucial to success when facing the stresses of a government job. In other words, strong teams are essential in your line of work. We can help!

Team Building for Government Workers

Everyday stress, tough challenges, and the unique problems that government workers face can chip away at morale and erode efficiency. It’s important to maintain a cohesive teamwork philosophy at work, so everyone stays on top of those productivity and morale-killing distractions.

Magnovo’s team building workshops really deliver on all those fronts: teaching the skills that allow government workers to combat stress, communicate better, and strengthen teamwork in every way. We have over ten years of experience working with government groups like yours, and we understand the unique challenges they face.

Charity Team Building Workshops for Government Employees

Civil servants already serve the community, but charity workshops offer teams a fresh new way to give back. Groups work together on a small community project that directly affects their neighbors. That’s a much more immediate and fulfilling way to give back- it all happens in just a few hours!

Like our regular team building workshops, our charity workshops are highly engaging, they encourage and teach 100% participation, and they’re designed around you. We know your industry, and we know the particular needs of your employees, so designing a custom workshop is a given.

Leadership Training for Government Employees

Our experience with government groups like yours also informs our highly successful leadership training program. In your industry, it’s essential to possess the skills for working with a diverse population. By definition, the community you serve is diverse. By default, your team is diverse as well.

The world includes people from all socio-economic backgrounds, language origins, personality traits, and communication styles, and so does your team. Knowing how to manage across all types of boundaries is essential for success in government.

That’s what we do in our leadership training: we focus on diversity of teams, diversity of personality styles, diversity of communication, and diversity of leadership styles. Pick your focus or just tell us your goals, and you get a customized training program created just for your group.

Call Magnovo for Your Next Government Team Building Event

Want a customized, engaging, and productive event that’s tailored just for your government group? We can help. Call us today and schedule an initial consultation for your government group and let’s get started on making them the best they can be.