Round 2 for Terumo Medical Corp’s DiSC® Assessment: Advancing the Art of Understanding

For in-depth exploration of how personality styles affect behavior in the workplace, the best option is a full round of DiSC® personality training.  As Terumo Medical Corp is currently discovering, it’s the best way to arrive at a place where everyone knows exactly how to proceed to change their work habits.

  1. It’s about actionable results.

    A complete course of DiSC® workshops leaves participants with not just an understanding of personality styles, but also the skills they need to take that knowledge and turn it into the basis for positive change.

    On September 11, 2015 Terumo Medical Corporation arrived for their second in a series of three workshop events designed to give them a full working knowledge of personality styles and how they have huge effects on they way people behave at work.

  2. Not 1, not 2, but three workshop events, each building upon the last.

    About an hour northeast of Baltimore lies the charming town of Elkton- that’s where Terumo Medical Corporation and Magnovo held round two in a series of three DiSC™ Assessment workshops.

    In Round One, the Terumo group took a look at their own DiSC® test results.  That’s because only by understanding your own personality will you start to understand the behavior of others.

  3. Time was given to let lessons from Round One sink in.

    Terumo Medical CorpTaking those personal lessons back to the office with them after Round One, the Terumo Medical Corporation participants were able to apply their new knowledge over time, in a natural environment.

    “My DiSC® test showed that I have a lot of “Dominant” characteristics.  According to the DiSC®assessment, that means I can sometimes be blunt…I’ve been trying to soften my messages lately and it’s working.”

    We had a lot of great feedback as participants relayed their insights since the last workshop.

    This time, we were able to take a deeper look into identifying the DiSC® personality traits of co-workers.  That takes a lot of practice!

    Then on top of that, we had to take those DiSC® traits and make the connection between personality type and communication style.

    “Oh he seems like he has a lot of the Steadiness trait in him.  That’s why he seems stressed out when I need fast results and give tight deadlines.”

    It was a fun challenge for everyone involved, and we all look forward to the third and final round of the series, to be held this December.