Relias Learning Annual Sales Meeting Kicks Off With WheelCharity Event

A diverse and energetic group who were excited to get together for their annual meeting made a difference in the lives of those in need with donations of wheelchairs they built themselves.

Relias LearningRelias’ Employees Know a Thing or Two About Helping People

The folks in attendance at Relias Learning’s annual sales meeting were very much looking forward to their time together. The company is based in Cary, NC, and it provides online tools and training for specialized healthcare professionals.

The group we worked with at the Raleigh Marriott City Center included new team members, people who worked remotely for the company, and others who hadn’t seen each other recently. Being sales-oriented, they were a chatty group, fun and full of energy. We were happy to welcome them to Raleigh and spend the morning with them.

Reconnecting with Ice Breakers and Games

We opened with some brief mini-games, which were a big hit with the group. People were engaged and played to win. Icebreakers and activities like Say What, Circuit Ball, and John, John helped participants forge stronger connections and quickly come together as a group. It was great to see people who often work independently of each other enjoying each other’s company and reconnecting on a personal and professional level. Our facilitator was wowed by their level of interest and engagement.

Relias Learning, Getting Down to Work

Our primary activity was our WheelCharity program. Relias Learning employees put together dozens of wheelchairs for Wheels for the World. This group provides wheelchairs to folks in need, who are often shut out of many facets of community life, including religious services, because of their lack of mobility.

Relias Learning’s employees already work in service to those in need. They facilitate online training and related programs for professionals working in the healthcare field, from public safety to autism and applied behavior analysis to developmental disabilities and acute/post-acute care workers. We were so happy to arrange for participants get a real sense of helping those who needed these wheelchairs in a tangible way, building on the intangible ways they already helped people.

Dozens of Wheel Chairs Built in One Morning

When Jim and Carol Weaver from Wheels for the World came by to accept the donation of completed wheelchairs, it was easy to feel the caring and compassion in the room. The Relias Learning team clearly loves their work, and it shows in the effort they put into helping improve the lives of others through WheelCharity.

The employees of Relias Learning started their annual sales meeting with activities intended to build on their ability to work together and really showed their capacity to do so by building wheelchairs for those in need.