LinkedIn Teams up to Donate Much-Needed Wheelchairs

We make our professional connections on LinkedIn, and we keep in touch with our industry peers.  LinkedIn makes possible an online networking and news social platform, helping facilitate positive change for everyone.

LinkedIn Teams up to Donate Much-Needed Wheelchairs

But did you know that LinkedIn itself is up to some news-worthy activities too?

LinkedIn creates positive change in the real world.

This past Spring, LinkedIn joined forces with Magnovo and with Wheels for the World to create donations that would do the world some good. Wheels for the World accepts donated wheelchairs and distributes them throughout the world to people who need them badly but can’t afford them.

Wheelchairs are surprisingly expensive.

Many people don’t know this, but wheelchairs are surprisingly expensive.  For people around the world faced with mobility challenges, cost can be an insurmountable obstacle.

Organizations like Wheels for the World work hard to change that sad fact, and we’re always proud to help them in that goal.  Whenever our clients choose the Wheelcharity™ Charity Team Building Workshop, they are creating valuable donations for the people around the world who benefit from the Wheels for the World charitable organization.

Magnovo takes care of all the details for you.

When the representative from LinkedIn scheduled the Wheelcharity™ workshop, she knew that we’d take care of everything.  All her group had to do was show up!

We took care of the coordination with Wheels for the World, so the completed wheelchairs got delivered promptly to WftW after the workshop was over with.

We also took care of delivery of the wheelchair parts to the workshop site.  The folks from LinkedIn chose to hold their Wheelcharity™ event on site, which meant Magnovo arranged to have wheelchair parts delivered directly to LinkedIn’s head quarters.

We got the extra mile to make it all work out perfectly.

We’ll not only deliver your donations to your site and to the charity after the workshop, but we’ll also deliver our best facilitators to your location, wherever that may be.

Our very own Rob Jackson facilitated the workshop for LinkedIn in San Francisco, California.  He arrived early to coordinate the details, too.  Sometimes deliveries can go wrong, and in this case that’s exactly what happened…twice!

No problem though: Rob simply drove out to the FedEx facility and picked up the wheelchair parts himself- done!  Whatever it takes, we make sure everything goes as planned, even when there are snags along the way!