Quintiles Does Leadership Training at the Museum of Life + Science

Leadership takes many forms, and what better way to celebrate that concept than to hold leadership training at the Museum of Life + Science.

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Amidst all the splendor of science and discovery at the Museum of Life + Science, leaders from Quintiles gathered to hone their leadership skills with us this summer.

Durham, NC is home to this incredible museum, which thankfully hosts corporate events like the IT Leadership Academy with Quintiles. The space was inspiring inside and out, so of course it was perfect for an event like ours.

Four-Day IT Leadership Academy

We had a theme for this leadership training: “Disrupt IT and IT Leaders’ Roles in Leading our Enterprise in the Digital Era”. Again, the museum setting was ideal for breaking out of old patterns and building new viewpoints and perspectives on leadership.

Throughout the workshop, one of the main takeaways was the idea that removing obstacles is one pathway to better leadership. Our methods for conveying this and other principles was described as “innovative” and “cutting edge”. Of course we strive for that and try to keep it that way with every custom workshop we create for our clients!

Another facet of this leadership training, and one that’s essential for success, was debriefing. Towards the end of each workshop module, it’s our way of looking back on what was covered, and talking about how it can become part of the working culture once everyone is back in their offices.

Quintiles Loved it That We Wove in Their Message

It’s easy to weave in a message you happen to totally support: positive change! That’s what “disrupt” is all about, after all. Their “Disrupt IT” message worked perfectly in conjunction with the concepts we cover in our classic leadership series.

Bicycles Went to Urban Hope

This was not only a leadership workshop, it was a charity event, too. The Quintiles teams assembled four bicycles for a local charity here in Durham, NC called Urban Hope.

In the end, there was a powerful, three-part combined message of:

  1. positive change for leaders
  2. disrupting leadership roles for a better future
  3. helping local kids in Durham with bicycle donations

It was in all, two hours of leadership team building, an hour of charity bicycle building with a donation ceremony, and an hour to wrap things up. Needless to say, we ended on a high note. Everyone went home with positive memories and renewed energy for better leadership roles at work.