Proud to be a Part of the Allianz Life Employee Giving Program!

We like to think we’re experts on employee-centered corporate giving projects, but Allianz Life seems to have that down to a science.  With one of the most progressive giving programs we’ve ever seen, this insurance company really knows how to get everyone involved in giving back- and that’s something they have in common with us!

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When giving back, getting everyone involved is key.

Why simply write a check when you can get more people involved in the giving spirit?  Study after study tells us that when employees feel that their company’s mission includes values which are in line with their own, they’re more engaged at work.

And developing a healthy, far-reaching employee giving program is one sure way to align your company values with everyone who works for you.  After all, everyone can get behind the notion of building bicycles for local kids, donating to local food pantries, or sending care packages to our overseas military.

Our Bike-A-Thon™ workshop fit nicely into Allianz Life’s charitable mission.

Allianz Life, a global insurance company based in Minneapolis, scheduled our Bike-A-Thon™ charity team building workshop for one winter’s day this past February.  We’re proud to be part of a wider, very active giving network which they run all year long.

Participants arrived and as we made our way through ice breakers, tool-qualifying activities and on to finally assembling the bikes, it became clear that these team members were excited about what they were doing!

And it also showed that when companies actively involve their employees in giving back to the community, morale gets a great big shot in the arm.  The Allianz Life group was a pleasure to work with and their teamwork skills served them well as they progressed through our team building workshop activities.

Bicycles went to Toys for Tots

Allianz Life has an ongoing partnership with Toys for Tots, to whom they donate toys all year long.  In addition to the bicycles they assembled through us, Allianz Life also donated more than 3,600 toys in 2015…that’s incredible!

If you have a regular relationship with a charitable organization and you want to schedule a charity team building workshop with us, we’re glad to work with that setup.

Alternatively, you may simply name any charitable organization (or none at all- we’ll choose for you!) and we’ll make all the arrangements, making sure your donated items reach their destination.

Want to know more?  Call us any time and ask about our charity team building workshops, so your team can get involved in giving, too!