Procter & Gamble Co. Team Assists Center for Independent Living Through Cincinnati, OH, WheelCharity

P&G’s training was capped with a WheelCharity™ team building workshop that provided several new wheelchairs for clients of a local nonprofit dedicated to ensuring people with disabilities have the tools and services they need for independent living.

Good Weather and a Good Time in Cincinnati, OH

Procter Gamble CoAnderson Hall has a brilliant view of the river from each room. It was an amazing location in which to hold a team building event. From the start, you could tell the group already had cohesion, as a team, down. This workshop was a way to refine that skill and have some fun. Boy, did they deliver!

The P&G team that handles their personal care products for Kroger met for a 2-day training session. They collaborated on ideas for increasing product sales and improving customer relationships. The introduction of Magnovo and the purpose of the WheelCharity™ workshop was a complete surprise. It was the perfect end to long day of training. We worked closely with the representative from P&G to align all facets of the WheelCharity™ program with the company’s goals for the event, customizing our activities and presentation accordingly.

P&G Team Gives its All for WheelCharity™

The 85 participants eagerly started. They quickly assembled themselves into teams. There was a lot of good-natured competition going on as we gave them challenge after challenge. Each round got the winning teams more wheelchair parts and moved them closer to completion. Games like Air Counting and Group Writing felt like fun but were actually carefully choreographed to reinforce critical soft skills. This group was really ahead of the game as far as their ability to work together. We helped them build on that solid foundation so that they could fully implement the strategies they’d spend the last two days developing.

After teams finished assembling their wheelchairs, there was still another surprise for them – an obstacle course! It’s one thing to put together a wheelchair for someone. It’s another to fully understand the daily challenges that wheelchair users face when performing ordinary tasks.

The Center for Independent Living Options Benefits from P&G’s Hard Work

From holding hands, earning parts for the wheelchairs, and crossing the finish line of the obstacle course, this group took the meaning of what we do to the next level. Debbie from Center For Independent Living showed up early and watched the team building madness. She said that it was not only entertaining but really great that we put emphasis on the challenges our handicap community endure and promote respect to each of these individuals. As the event ended and the P&G group headed to dinner, participants were full of praise and accolades for what Magnovo delivered!