Team Building for Educators

As educators, you face a unique set of challenges throughout your workday. We’ve worked with professionals in the field of education for over a decade, and we’ve seen one thing over and over: teamwork gets you through. 

New standards, large classes, and parental pressure can combine to create a uniquely stressful environment for educators. We’ve been working with groups in the field of education for over a decade, so we know their particular challenges. Your group relies on a well-developed network of inside support to do their jobs well, and we can help with that.

We Know Educators

For over a decade, we’ve been helping educators strengthen their teams with custom workshops. A unified sense of community, a networked team of colleagues with whom you can share ideas, and a place to make your voice known: these are elements of a great team of educators.

When every opinion counts, everyone feels appreciated, and all ideas are respected, we know that teamwork is doing its job, making educators better at what they do.

Team Building for Educators

Whether you’re in administration, policy, professional training, research, or the classroom, we know the types of skills that make your team great. Our experienced facilitators and our workshop developers combine experience with talent and are informed by research on how skills get transferred from the classroom to real life… just like you are!

We take proven techniques and deliver them through engaging, hands-on activities that build on one another. It’s always fun, everyone gets involved, and there’s always a take-away with direct applications to your real world at work.

Charity Team Building for the Education Field

You went into education to help people and be part of a community, right? Charity workshops offer a brand new way to bridge barriers, form connections, and make good things happen in your neighborhood.

Plus, our charity team building workshops are designed to deliver benefits on multiple levels. Your team gets to give back in a fun way, but they also develop important skills that will make them better at their jobs.

We work into every workshop simple, effective lessons on basic teamwork skills, even while workshop participants are building bicycles or assembling wheelchairs. We’re sure you’re familiar with the concept: goal-oriented projects that require success with several targeted skills make for a highly engaging and effective learning technique!

Leadership Training for Educators

Every educator is a leader in one way or another. Whether you work in front of a classroom or behind a desk, you’re taking an active role in the education of someone other than yourself. That’s an important responsibility!

Our leadership training offers modules in communication, personality styles, managing diverse populations, and more. We know that in order to lead in the field of education, you’ll be dealing with a broad sector of the population. We teach:

  • how to communicate across all boundaries
  • how to recognize the various styles of leadership
  • how to best encourage great teamwork from a diverse group of personalities, skills, and strengths

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Give us a call or use our handy quote form to find out more. We offer team building workshops, charity events, and leadership training custom-designed for educators like you. Tell us your goals, and we’ll create a tailored workshop where everyone gets involved for positive change.